New Course: Understanding Ads

Screenshot of the Understanding Ads course on Food Blogger Pro with various video icons

It’s time for a new course!! Woot woot!

This shiny new course is all about understanding ads. When you’re a new blogger (or one who’s just never gotten into using ads before), getting ads on your website can seem really confusing and difficult.

Terms like CPC, RMP, programmatic and viewability can leave you feeling jumbled before you even get to the part where you install the code on your website. It’s frustrating, to say the least!

In this course, Bjork takes a birds-eye look at what ads are and how you can use them on your website. He goes over all those confusing terms and explains them in words a regular person can understand. And then he shows how you can set up an "ad waterfall" on your website to make sure your ad slots are always getting filled.

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New Course: Time Management

It’s new course day! And I can’t tell you how excited I am about today’s course because it is immediately applicable to problems that I am having right now.

Bjork didn’t even know this, but yesterday I had a bit of a meltdown because I was feeling like I just didn’t have enough time. Between sleeping (I need 8 hours), walking the dog 2–3 times per day, going to the gym, my “day job,” and feeding myself, I felt like I just didn’t have any time at all for my side projects.

So according to Bjork’s advice in this course, I’m going to hire someone to start feeding me so that I don’t have to do that myself.

Just kidding.

But really, finding enough time to do all of your things is hard enough. And when you finally do have some time to work on your food blog, it can be really easy to inadvertently waste some of that time doing other things that don’t matter as much.

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New Course: Asana

It’s new course day! Woot woot!

I am so excited about this new course because I know it will be so helpful to those of you who feel strapped for time and overwhelmed (um, everyone?!).

Here at Food Blogger Pro, we use a tool called Asana to keep on top of all the things we have to do. And as you guys know, we try to keep things fresh around here, so we generally have A LOT to keep track of. So, we looked for a system that would connect all of us, yet let each of us manage our own tasks individually. And Asana was the answer!

But then, I realized that I could use Asana for my own personal stuff, and it got a lot cooler. I now use Asana for planning my editorial calendar for my blog, planning when I need to schedule out all my social media posts, and keeping track of things that I want to put in my "back pocket" – the things that I want to do some day but don’t have the time for right now.

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New Course: MailChimp

You guys!! This is so crazy. I just made a course here on Food Blogger Pro. Whattt!!!

I know you all are used to Bjork’s slow, steady, and confident voice as he guides you through the terrifying and confusing world that is starting a food blog, and Lindsay’s teacher-esque tone as she helps you find your ground with social media and photography.

So if you’re totally weirded out by listening to me talk during this course – so am I! But I hope you’re okay with it. I really enjoyed making this course, and I really hope you learn something from it.

Ok, so enough of that. What the heck is this course all about? Well, let me tell you:


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New Course: Pinterest

Alright everybody- chant with me: New course! New course! New course!

After many requests, we have a new course that I promise will be the answer to all your wildest hopes and dreams!

Okay, maybe not that drastic, but Pinterest is the place where we do our dreaming, no? And it’s also a form of social media that has huge potential for food bloggers. I’d call that dreamin’!

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New Course: Blog Monetization 101

The course so many of you have been desperately waiting for is finally here! Well, it was here last week, but let’s just ignore that. SO EXCITED ALL OVER AGAIN!

But really. This is exciting.

One of the most common struggles we hear from our members is that they have difficulties figuring out how to monetize their blogs. We had some monetization videos up since the beginning of FBP, but they were in dire need of a refresh.

Fortunately, Bjork came to the rescue! And in this course, you actually get to see him face-to-face the whole time as he talks you through the concepts of blog monetization.

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New Course: Instagram for Food Bloggers

Hey friends!

You guessed it – NEW COURSE TODAY!

The course we are releasing today is all about using Instagram to build your visual brand as a food blogger. The Instagram for Food Bloggers course has 21 lessons total including a bonus lesson that’s strictly Q&A based off the questions you asked in the survey prior to the launch of this course.

One thing that’s really fun about this course is the fact that we were able to create a setup where you will be able to see my phone on the screen as I do different things in the Instagram app. So as I go through each concept, tip, or trick in the lessons, I will be demonstrating it all live on my iPhone.

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New Course: Hotjar

Food Blogger Pro Hotjar Course

“How do I get more traffic and increase the income from my blog?”

That’s the most common question we get from people that are wanting to start or grow their blog.

But that’s not the right question to be asking, even if it’s the problem you’re trying to solve.

The right question is this:

“How do I understand my visitors better?”

Understanding your visitors is what drives traffic and income for your blog. Once you start to understand your audience then you’ll be able to predict what type of content will do well and know what type of products you should be creating.

That’s why I’m so excited for this new course on Hotjar. Hotjar is an analysis and feedback tool that will help you analyze how people are using your website and get feedback from visitors.

The best part? It’s a free tool.

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New Course: Natural Lighting for Food Photography

Oh, sweet – it’s a NEW COURSE DAY.

Because I’m happeeeeeee….

Today we are superexcited to be releasing a new course on natural light for food photography which includes 9 lessons about how to use natural light to make the most of your food photos.

We’re calling this course Natural Lighting for Food Photography and you can find it in the Food Photography module.

This course was really fun to record because I did some things that I’ve never officially done before to test the quality of our natural light in our house.

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New Course: WordPress SEO by Yoast

Food Blogger Pro WordPress SEO by Yoast

I’m purty darn pumped about this new course we just launched on Food Blogger Pro. It’s an Essential Plugins course called WordPress SEO by Yoast.


Why am I so excited about it?

Because it has to do with something we hear about all. the. time. from bloggers: Increasing Traffic.

True fact: The most important source of traffic for Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro is Google.

Here are some screenshots that show the growth of SEO traffic to our two sites over the past few years:

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