You want to share your passion for food with the world, but...

Starting and Growing a Food Blog is Complicated

Tech, tools, and traffic -- it can all feel overwhelming.

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Starting and growing a blog is a BIG task.

It can feel like there are so many (too many!) things on your to-do list:

  • Understand what tools you need to start your blog (and how to use them)
  • Figure out how to choose solid hosting
  • Take better food photos
  • Improve your site's SEO and do keyword research so your search traffic increases
  • Set up Pinterest to build traffic
  • Utilize social media to build traffic and grow your brand
  • Create amazing content that brands and readers will love
  • Solidify (or start) your monetization strategy
  • Create recipe videos for social media
  • Build and foster an email list

And the list goes on! 🤪

Sure you could — or maybe you’ve tried — to Google it all.

But considering there are 60,000+ blog posts on “how to start a blog”...that sounds more overwhelming than exciting.

You still have questions.

You don't want to waste your time testing and trying on your own.

You need a clear, mapped-out strategy -- and step-by-step directions to make it happen.

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The Food Blogger Pro Membership

Your go-to resource for advice, guidance, and strategies to help you build and grow your blog.

Founded by Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum, Food Blogger Pro helps you build, grow and monetize your blog by teaching tried & true strategies through clear, step-by-step tutorials that guide the way — while our community answers the questions you need to move forward confidently.

A Food Blogger Pro membership helps you get there with:

  • Less time spent wondering, searching or piecing together tips on the internet
  • Clear steps and priorities for what to do next
  • Expert advice based on what has worked in real blogging scenarios
  • Tutorials on tech and tools, so you feel confident using them all
  • Community support forums to ask any & all questions
  • Direction and answers from guest experts
  • Lessons that we’ve learned from growing a blog for the past 10+ years

Made for bloggers by bloggers.

Bjork Ostrom Lindsay Ostrom

Founders Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom from Pinch of Yum

Our hope for Food Blogger Pro is that it can be a community and a resource where food bloggers from all over the world can come to connect, collaborate, and troubleshoot. We will never stop learning, and it is our goal that what we learn, both the big ideas and the practical tips, we teach to you.

Food Blogger Pro

Join Food Blogger Pro today to:

  • Learn by watching

    Get immediate and unlimited access to 350+ training videos on topics like plugins, traffic, and monetization.

  • Connect and collaborate

    Chat with your fellow members and industry experts on the private community forum.

  • Your questions, answered

    Join member-only live Q&A calls every single month. Tbh, they are our favorite days of the month!

  • Go behind-the-scenes

    Get exclusive updates from the Food Blogger Pro, Pinch of Yum, and WP Tasty teams on how we are running our businesses.

  • Learn from the best

    Get advice from top industry experts about SEO, Pinterest, site speed, and more.

  • Save some moolah

    Get access to exclusive deals and discounts on some of our favorite blogging gear and tools.

A Food Blogger Pro membership expedites the journey to build and grow a successful food blog by following proven strategies through easy-to-digest trainings and a community to engage and support members along the way.

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