Who Are We?

Welcome all you food bloggies! We’re Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom, the creators of Food Blogger Pro. Lindsay has always loved food and I love online business, so we’ve known we wanted to work together on creating a dynamic membership website for food bloggers ever since we started dating in high school.

Just kidding.

We actually first talked about the idea for Food Blogger Pro on an average evening walk. So romantic, right? Lindsay’s food blog, Pinch of Yum, had been steadily growing over the last few years. I had been writing blog income reports. Lindsay had written an eBook on food photography. We were getting more emails and more questions about food blogging from other food bloggers and people who wanted to start their own blog.

As we walked and talked, we had this realization that we had both sort of inadvertently learned a lot about food blogging that might be useful to new food bloggers. And the idea for Food Blogger Pro was born.

Our hope for Food Blogger Pro is that it can be a community and a resource for food bloggers from all over the world. We will never stop learning and it is our goal that what we learn, both the big ideas and the practical tips, can also benefit you.

There’s enough room for everyone in the food blog world, so let’s do this thing together.