239: Ten Years – The Seasons of Pinch of Yum with Lindsay Ostrom

An image of candles and the title of Lindsay Ostrom's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Ten Years.'

Welcome to episode 239 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Lindsay Ostrom about navigating the different seasons in her blogging journey.

Last week on the podcast, Bjork talked about how you can optimize and increase the earnings you receive from the ads on your site. To go back and listen to that episode, click here.

Ten Years 

Pinch of Yum is turning 10 this year, and as I’m sure you can imagine, it has changed quite a bit in that time.

In today’s episode of the podcast, you’ll hear about the different seasons of Pinch of Yum and how Lindsay navigated them while building her blog into a business. And she covers it all – from running her blog as a side hustle to transitioning to it being her full-time gig to hiring team members to current day.

Regardless of what season you’re currently in, you’ll find a lot of advice in this episode that can help you navigate the good, the tough, and everything in-between.

A quote from Lindsay Ostrom’s appearance on the Food Blogger Pro podcast that says, 'What made you thrive from point A to point B isn't going to be what helps you thrive from point B to point C.'

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Lindsay views the “seasons” of Pinch of Yum
  • When Pinch of Yum became a “side hustle”
  • What a “trickster” is
  • Why sacrifices are a part of the side hustle
  • How Lindsay prioritized work when she started working for herself
  • The work that was most impactful when Lindsay was building Pinch of Yum
  • What the current “season” of Pinch of Yum looks like
  • What it means to be light on your feet

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  1. I love hearing from Lindsey, as a wife and mother and busy gal, it’s nice to hear that it’s ok to not do it all. Blog aside, I think this is a great message for everyone in their every day life 🙂

  2. Really loved this episode, especially the glass/plastic ball analogy. Would love to see an episode diving deeper into the decision to hire employees – know Pinch of Yum has a bunch of them now – and how to make sure you find the right people, how to decide how many hours they hire them for (did they use any formula like how much they were bringing in $ wise? or just wing it?), how to manage them especially virtually, how to decide what to outsource in the first place… etc! Would just love to hear more from Lindsay on how all these decisions were made over the years, as I’m in the process of hiring my first more than just a few hours a week contractor!