337: Shifting Your Mindset – Leaning into SEO and Learning from Industry Experts with Ali Stafford

An image of smiley faces and the title of Ali Stafford's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Shifting Your Mindset.'

Welcome to episode 337 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Ali Stafford from Alexandra’s Kitchen about how she’s grown her traffic by leaning into SEO and learning from industry experts.

We’re really excited to be chatting with Ali from Alexandra’s Kitchen in today’s episode! She’s a seasoned food blogger who has been sharing her recipes online since 2006.

But over the past few years, she has been shifting her mindset to focus on growing her traffic and leveling up her content strategy. In this episode, you’ll hear what changes she’s been implementing to focus on SEO, how she has strategically worked with consultants to grow her business, and more.

Whether you just launched your blog or you’ve been blogging for years, we know you will have a lot of great takeaways from this episode. Enjoy!

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333: Serving Your Audience – How Emma Duckworth Doubled Her Pageviews by Focusing on SEO

An image of a concert audience and the title of Emma Duckworth's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Serving Your Audience.'

Welcome to episode 333 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Emma Duckworth from Emma Duckworth Bakes about how she’s grown her blog by focusing on SEO.

SEO: love it or hate it, it’s undoubtedly an important area for food bloggers to focus their time and energy on. And that’s why we’re chatting about it with Emma Duckworth in this episode!

This year, Emma decided to double down on her blog and hired a mentor to help her out with SEO. You’ll hear how she used the avatar exercise to understand her audience, how she optimized her homepage and recipe categories, and what she’s doing to focus on SEO moving forward.

It’s a fantastic interview that will encourage you to reflect on your own SEO strategy. We hope you enjoy it!

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327: Understanding the Google Algorithm – Tracking Google Updates and Analyzing Traffic Drops with Casey Markee

An image of a person using Google Search Console on a laptop and the title of Casey Markee's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Understanding the Google Algorithm.'

Welcome to episode 327 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Casey Markee, our FBP SEO Expert, about understanding the Google algorithm.

We’re so excited to welcome Food Blogger Pro expert Casey Markee back to the podcast today!

As our resident SEO wizard, he has helped countless FBP members out by answering their toughest SEO questions over the years. And at his company Media Wyse, Casey handles site audits for algorithm and rank issues, spammy structured markup actions, unnatural link issues for food blogs, and more.

In this episode, he’s chatting with Bjork all about what food bloggers need to know about the Google algorithm. You’ll hear Casey’s insights on how to understand Google updates, how to effectively use Google Search Console, how to get the most out of your ads, and more.

If you’re looking to increase your traffic, or you’re just curious and want to learn more about the Google algorithm, we know you’ll enjoy this interview!

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301: Less Work, More Traffic – A Free Workshop (+ 7 Ways to Strategically Use Google Search Console!)

An image of traffic and the title of Bjork Ostrom's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Less Work, More Traffic.'

Welcome to episode 301 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast!

We’re holding a FREE event next week on Tuesday, April 27 at 1pm ET / 12pm CT called Less Work, More Traffic. In this workshop, we’ll teach you how to think strategically about the content that’s already on your site in order to build your audience and get more traffic.

You can register for free here, and if you want a bit of a preview of what we’re going to share during the workshop, you’re in the right place!

In this episode of the podcast, Bjork talks about the event and then shares seven different ways you can use Google Search Console to optimize your site for search traffic.

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278: Lessons from a Veteran Food Blogger – How to Overcome a 60% Dip in Traffic with Carrie Forrest

An image of an office and the title of Carrie Forrest's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Lessons from a Veteran Food Blogger.'

Welcome to episode 278 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Carrie Forrest about some of the SEO enhancement she has made to her blog this year.

Do you know which of your posts are performing the best? Do you know which ones aren’t getting any search traffic?

That’s what Carrie is back on the podcast to talk about today!

Carrie has been blogging for over 10 years, and in that time, she has published a lot of content. But not all content performs equally.

As the result of an SEO audit after she experienced a large dip in traffic, Carrie decided to refresh and delete nearly 2/3 of the content on her site. Through that process of learning about the health of her site as a whole, Carrie now better understands how her content performs and how her content supports the mission of her blog.

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243: Best-in-Class Content – Keyword Research, Creating Value, and Authority with Ewen Finser

An image of trophies and the title of the 243rd episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Best-in-Class Content.'

Welcome to episode 243 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Ewen Finser about creating awesome content that search engines and your readers will love.

We hear from a lot of bloggers who are interested in increasing their traffic. And while there’s a ton of information out there about this very topic, today’s podcast episode focuses on a refreshing way to understand search engines and SEO: you want to give the best possible answer to your readers and to search engines. Simple as that.

And that’s exactly what Ewen is here to discuss today.

From organizing content in a logical way that maximizes SEO benefits to understanding the nitty gritty of keyword research, you’ll learn a lot about website structure and optimizing content in this interview. Enjoy!

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223: Full Potential – Extracting All of the Juice from Your Content with Bjork Ostrom

An image of oranges and the title of the 223rd episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Full Potential.'

Welcome to episode 223 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork talks about the importance of a post log and how you can create one for your own blog.

As bloggers, we’re creating new content all the time. But what about your older content, the unsung heroes of your content catalog? Are you getting all of the “juice” out of them that you possibly can?

This episode focuses on juicing your older content for all that it’s worth, and one of the ways to do that is by having a post log. Pinch of Yum uses their post log to track and document specific post updates, and you’ll learn how you can make one for your own blog.

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221: Live – Bjork Goes Live to Answer Your Blogging Questions

An image of a computer and the title of Bjork Ostrom’s Instagram Live episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Live.'

Welcome to episode 221 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork goes live on Instagram to answer your questions about blogging.

One of our favorite things about working with a community for food bloggers is connecting with that community.

When we were thinking about ways we could connect with our podcast community, we quickly figured out that it’s difficult to connect with your podcast listeners. Podcast episodes are typically made up of two distinct “sides” — a recording happening on one side, and then the listening happening on the other. Rarely do those sides meet in the middle.

That is, of course, until today. 😉

Bjork went live on Instagram yesterday to connect with our community and answer their blogging questions, and we turned it into today’s podcast episode! He answers questions SEO, keywords, podcasting, monetization, and more, and all of the questions you’ll hear are sourced from our incredible community. Enjoy!

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214: Optimize – Making Old Content Better, Building Authority, and Understanding the Impact of Your Optimizations

An image of tech equipment and the title of the 214 episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Optimize.'

Welcome to episode 214 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, you’ll learn how to optimize old posts, connect your posts to one another, understand the impact of your optimizations, and more.

It’s time to talk optimization! And this episode will help equip you with the strategies and processes you need to optimize your posts, build authority, and

First, you’ll hear from our SEO Expert, Casey Markee, as he talks about optimizing and republishing old posts. He also talks about whether or not it’s okay to have a 404 page and when you should consider noindexing your posts.

Then you’ll hear from Jeff Coyle from MarketMuse, a content planning and optimization software, about connecting your posts to one another and the tools you can use to optimize your posts.

And then Bjork Ostrom, rounds out this episode by talking about how you can track and monitor your optimization efforts to make sure that they’re having the impact you hoped. It’s a simple way to keep tabs on whether or not you’re targeting the right posts with the right optimizations.

It’s a really helpful episode, and we hope you’ll be able to apply these tips to your own blogging efforts. Enjoy!

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197: Making Sense of Your Website Analytics with Jeff Sauer

An image of Jeff Sauer and the title of his episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Making Sense of Your Analytics.'

Welcome to episode 197 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics about making the most of your analytics data.

We’re so excited to welcome Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics back on the podcast. Jeff was actually on our podcast before, episode 76 to be exact, and he’s here today to continue that awesome conversation.

Jeff is a pro at making analytics data meaningful, which helps him and his clients make smart decisions about their businesses.

You’ll learn about some helpful tools that you can incorporate into your workflow, some important concepts to remember as you’re analyzing your analytics data, and how you can start to fully understand your readership and conversion numbers.

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