326: Content Batching – Planning, Scheduling, and Creating Blog Posts Months Ahead of Time with Karli Bitner

An image of a person typing on a laptop and the title of Karli Bitner's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Content Batching.'

Welcome to episode 326 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Karli Bitner from Cooking with Karli about how she batch produces content.

As food bloggers, it can sometimes feel like we’re stuck in this never-ending cycle of producing more and more content. To avoid burnout, how do we develop strategies for content creation that are sustainable over a long period of time?

That’s what we’re discussing with Karli in today’s episode! To maximize her time with her family this year, she batch produced all of her blog posts for 2021 before 2020 ended. In this episode, she shares why she likes content batching, how she plans and schedules her content, and how she has expanded her team to maximize her productivity.

It’s a really great interview that will inspire you to reflect on your own content creation strategy. We hope you enjoy it!

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325: Bilingual Blogging – How Alejandra Graf Shares Recipes on Her Blog in English and Spanish

An image of flags from different countries and the title of Alejandra Graf's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Bilingual Blogging.'

Welcome to episode 325 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Alejandra Graf from BrownSugar&Vanilla about how she shares recipes on her blog in both English and Spanish.

We’re so excited to share this episode with Alejandra with you today! Her story is really fascinating, and the way that she shares content is a bit unique compared to other content creators.

After immigrating to the United States from Mexico, she launched her food blog, BrownSugar&Vanilla, where she shares family-friendly vegan recipes. But she also has another version of her site called Piloncillo&Vainilla where she shares all the same recipes — but in Spanish!

In this episode, you’ll learn how she uses a plugin to share content in both languages, how the traffic compares on the two versions of her blog, and more. It’s a really fascinating, inspiring interview that demonstrates the unique ways you can share content with different audiences.

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323: Understanding the Numbers – Optimizing Your Blog’s Financials with Ansley Beutler

An image of a keyboard, notebook, and calculator and the title of Ansley Beutler's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Understanding the Numbers.'

Welcome to episode 323 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Ansley Beutler from Peach Perfect Financials about optimizing your blog’s financials to set your business up for success.

While Ansley Beutler is well-known for sharing delicious and healthy recipes on The Fit Peach, she’s also a CPA and an expert when it comes to the financial side of running a food blog!

Through her consultancy business Peach Perfect Financials, she helps bloggers level up their business and gain control and clarity over their finances.

In this episode, she shares why you should have a business bank account, how to keep track of your expenses, how to structure your business to optimize your taxes, and more.

Whether you just launched your blog or if you’ve been blogging for years, we think you’ll have a lot of great takeaways from this episode. Enjoy!

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322: Going All In – How Sarah Cook Went From 17k to 600k Monthly Pageviews

An image of poker chips and the title of Sarah Cook's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Going All In.'

Welcome to episode 322 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Sarah Cook from Sustainable Cooks about what specific strategies she implemented to grow her blog’s traffic and increase her revenue.

A few years ago, Sarah Cook was feeling burnt out and ready to call it quits on her blog. But after listening to some food blogging podcasts, she decided to switch up her blogging strategy and see if she could turn it into a thriving business.

And today on the podcast, she’s sharing everything she’s done along the way to go from 17k to 600k monthly pageviews with her blog, Sustainable Cooks! She explains some of the unique ways she has invested in her blog, why she decided to delete hundreds of posts, why she loves having a blogging accountability partner, and more.

It’s a really inspiring interview, and we know it’ll leave you feeling motivated and excited to make progress on your blogging goals.

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320: Learning By Doing – How Chelsey White Grew Her Online Community of Millions as a Solopreneur

An image of a laptop and the title of Chelsey White's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Learning By Doing.'

Welcome to episode 320 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Chelsey White from Chelsweets about how she’s grown her various social media platforms and how her content strategy has evolved over time.

Today on the podcast, we’re talking to the baking queen herself: Chelsey White from Chelsweets!

While she originally started by just baking cakes for her coworkers, Chelsey has since built up a massive social media following sharing her elaborate cakes and baking creations online. With over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and 2 million followers on TikTok, she has established herself as one of the top names in the food space.

In this episode, she shares how she started sharing content online, how she likes to approach sponsored content, and how she adapts her content for different social media platforms.

It’s a super fun, inspiring interview, and we hope you enjoy hearing Chelsey’s story!

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319: From Attorney to Food Blogger – How Mike Johnson Grew His Popular Instagram Account into a Full-Time Business

An image of a scale and the title of Mike Johnson's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'From Attorney to Food Blogger.'

Welcome to episode 319 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Mike Johnson from Mike Bakes NYC about how he managed to transition to full-time blogging after running his successful Instagram account.

We’re so excited we had a chance to talk to Mike in today’s episode! He has a super interesting story; he went from attorney to full-time blogger after running an incredibly successful New York City food-focused Instagram account.

He’s on the show today to talk about what the process of transitioning to full-time blogger looked like, as well as how he runs his business and creates revenue for himself.

If you’re curious about what a day in the life of a full-time blogger looks like, or you’re interested in figuring out how to maximize your blog revenue, we know you’ll find some helpful nuggets of inspiration in this interview!

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317: Optimizing for Growth – Developing Habits for Long-Term Success with Nisha Melvani

An image of three different plants in different stages of growth and Nisha Melvani's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Optimizing for Growth.'

Welcome to episode 317 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Nisha Melvani from Cooking for Peanuts about her journey of growing her brand while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Nisha is a Food Blogger Pro member, nutritionist, and registered dietitian, and she’s here on the podcast today to talk about her journey growing her blog!

While she originally started just by sharing her vegan dinner recipes on Instagram, Nisha has evolved her brand by shifting some of her focus to her blog and upcoming cookbook.

In this episode, she shares some of the mistakes she’s made along the way, some tools that have been instrumental to her success, and some tips she has for finding a healthy work-life balance.

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315: Decolonizing the Food Industry – Sharing African Food, Breaking Down Stereotypes, and Combating Cultural Appropriation with Zoe Adjonyoh

An image of different kinds of food in bowls and the title of Zoe Adjonyoh's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Decolonizing the Food Industry.'

Welcome to episode 315 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Zoe Adjonyoh about her journey with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, as well as her fight against the cultural appropriation of food.

While Zoe Adjonyoh initially started out by just cooking Ghanaian food for her community, she quickly took on a larger role with her brand, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. Through her blog, cookbook, supper clubs, and more, she has been actively working to foster an African Food Revolution and bring African food to the masses.

And in recent years, she has shifted her focus from just pioneering West African food to decolonizing the food industry and helping people understand what cultural appropriation is.

It’s a really powerful interview that will make you consider your role as both a consumer and a content creator, and we hope you enjoy hearing more about Zoe’s story.

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314: Creative Food Photography – How Kimberly Espinel Teaches and Inspires Food Photographers

An image of hands holding a camera and the title of Kimberly Espinel's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Creative Food Photography.'

Welcome to episode 314 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Kimberly Espinel about how she has grown her business teaching food photographers how to find their unique style.

When you’re just starting out as a food blogger, it can be hard to find your personal style as a photographer. You might find yourself emulating the style of other creatives and struggle to find a rhythm that works best for you. And that’s where Kimberly comes in!

Kimberly is an award-winning food photographer, blogger, teacher, and author who helps food photographers find their unique style. She talks about how she grew her business, how she is able to create content that serves her community, and why she thinks focusing on your mindset is so important when working as a creative.

Her passion for her work shines through in this episode, and her story will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to continue creating meaningful content for your audience.

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312: FBP Rewind – How Pinch of Yum Works with Brands with Jenna Arend

An image of a cassette and the title of Jenna Arend's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'FBP Rewind.'

Welcome to episode 312 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, we’re rewinding back to our episode with Jenna Arend from the Pinch of Yum where she talks about some of the systems they use to manage their sponsored content work.

It’s another FBP Rewind episode today, and we’re so excited to revisit our July 2020 interview with Jenna Arend from the Pinch of Yum team today!

Jenna is the General Manager at Pinch of Yum and in this episode, she gives you a behind-the-scenes tour of how the Pinch of Yum team uses processes to handle their sponsored content work.

Between establishing a system for initial conversations with brands to contract review, we’re hoping that you’re able to take some of the systems that the Pinch of Yum team relies on and use them to streamline your own sponsored content efforts.

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