Aleka Shunk

Keyword Research Expert

Aleka is the Founder of Keywords With Aleka, an online school with courses and coaching to help improve both your keyword research & keyword tracking strategies. She believes keyword research is the one aspect of SEO that can give smaller blogs a huge advantage. Her most popular course, Cooking With Keywords, has helped thousands of food bloggers increase their organic search traffic.

Allea Grummert

Email Marketing

Owner of Duett, Allea Grummert is an email marketing strategist & copywriter who helps online business owners make a killer first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences. She helps her clients build intentional relationships and brand loyalty with new subscribers using email marketing that connects readers with the best resources or solutions they have to offer.

Justine Grey

Affiliate Expert

Justine loves helping bloggers experiment and profit with affiliate marketing. She has been involved in the affiliate industry for a decade, splitting her time between managing affiliate programs for tech companies and running her own affiliate websites. In her free time, you'll find her cooking, hanging with her kids and reading romance novels.

Jenna Arend

Communications Expert

Jenna is the General Manager at Pinch of Yum, where she manages everyday communication for the blog in a variety of ways - with readers, customers, followers, and brands. She’s passionate about making processes clear and efficient and finding engaging ways to connect with the blog’s wide audience.

Melissa Rose

Creative Director and Branding Designer

Melissa has a passion for telling stories through visual design (and color!). With over a decade of experience designing websites for top-performing food blogs (and running her own food blog!), she understands the unique challenges bloggers face and can design creative solutions to address those issues. She has recently partnered with Feast Design Co. to introduce Feast+, a website design system for food bloggers, and will soon be launching a Canva template shop to offer professional design at a fraction of the cost of custom services.