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The Gear We Use For Recipe Videos


by Bjork on Aug 07, 2017 in Building Traffic, Social Media

THIS is the gear you need to make awesome, viral food videos! Learn about editing software, camera recommendations, tripod options, and more for making recipe videos with a DSLR or an iPhone. - #recipevideo #videogear #foodblogging #foodblogger

Note: The Pinch of Yum video gear is also covered in our Food Video Course. To view the course, you can sign up for Food Blogger Pro here.

We've started shooting videos for Pinch of Yum's YouTube channel and social media channels, and it has been a fun challenge for us!

We've had a handful of people email (and post to the FBP forum) asking us what equipment we're using to shoot these videos. That's why we put together this list of what we're using, some basic examples of how we use it, as well as some other common video-related questions we've gotten recently. We'll cover:

  1. Equipment for Shooting DSLR Recipe Videos
  2. Equipment for Shooting iPhone Recipe Videos
  3. Editing Software for Recipe Videos
  4. What's the best lighting for cooking videos?
  5. How do I make cooking videos like Tasty?
  6. What's the best camera for shooting recipe videos?
  7. How do I edit cooking videos?
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Free - The Best Strategy for Increasing your Blog’s Income

Free - The Best Strategy for Increasing your Blog's Income |

What are you giving away for free on your blog?

It’s an important question, because giving things away for free is one the best ways to increase the income you’re earning from your blog.

Giving things away for free in order to increase your income?

Seems a bit backwards, doesn’t it?

Let me explain.

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How to get more traffic to your blog, lessons from The Matrix


by Bjork on Jul 24, 2014 in Growing Your Food Blog, Building Traffic

How to get more traffic to your blog, lessons from The Matrix |

The Matrix holds a special place in my heart. It was the first rated R movie that I saw. I can remember it like it was yesterday…

The year was 1999. My brother was nice enough to let me go with him to his friend’s house, where a few “older kids” were hanging out for the afternoon. I was 13 at the time and my brother and his friends were 16. They were trying to decide what to do when one of the guys said, “Hey! I rented The Matrix last night, we should watch it!” He proceeded to pull the movie (a VHS rental from Movie Gallery, of course) out of his backpack.

My brother, being the good brother that he is, let the guys know that I’m not allowed to watch rated R movies. There was a collective groan from the guys and I immediately felt like a middle schooler kid in a group of high schoolers (which I was).

In an effort to gain some dignity I said; “Wait! Maybe Mom and Dad will let me watch it. I’ll call and ask them.”

Phone: Ring ring ring…

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