6 Ways You Can Make Money with Your Email List

Did you know  that one-third of content creators send weekly emails, and less than 26% send an email monthly? Why are so many bloggers, content creators, and marketers leaving money on the table? 

In my experience as an email marketing strategist, most bloggers aren’t taking full advantage of the opportunities their email list offers because they simply don’t know the strategies they have at their disposal.

Many people start and run email lists because “that’s just what you do” as a blogger, but there is a magical realm of high return on investment, or ROI, you can step into, if you know a few solid strategies and how to implement them!

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6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs

a computer desk with a food blog pulled up on the screen and the title of this blog post, '6 Essential Plugins for Food Blogs'

There are currently over 59,000 plugins available that bloggers can use to enhance their WordPress sites… and that’s only counting the free ones!

Whoa. That’s a lot of plugins, right? So how do you know which ones you should actually install to run your site?

That’s what we’re going to chat about in this post! We’ll break down six different types of plugins that we recommend using for your food blog, then we’ll share a few of the best plugins on the market for each category.

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The Gear We Use For Recipe Videos

Blue image of two women setting up to take a photograph using an overhead DSLR camera and a DSLR camera mounted on a tripod. The photo reads "the gear we use for recipe videos" and has the Food Blogger Pro logo in the bottom left corner.

Filming recipe videos is a great way to visually show your readers and followers how to make a recipe. Videos are also incredibly popular on almost every social media platform. 

Maybe you’re already filming recipe videos and just want to up your game, or maybe you’re a recipe video newbie looking for the best camera for cooking videos. Either way, we’re here to help! 

We are going to take a deep dive into the gear that our sister site and food blog, Pinch of Yum, uses for recipe videos – from cameras and tripods to editing software.

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How to Develop Original Recipes

If you write a food blog, chances are you’ve developed countless recipes over the years. Whether an idea for a recipe has come to you in the middle of the night, during a dinner at your favorite restaurant, or from another recipe, you know that this is just the beginning of developing the recipe to be uniquely yours.

With this process can come many different questions. When is a recipe completely your own? What if you run-out of recipe inspiration? What is considered plagiarism? How do you come up with a brand new recipe? Can recipes be copyrighted? Where do you even begin?!

Let’s start with the basics.

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The Definitive Guide to Video Sizes for Social Media (Updated for 2022)

An image of Pinch of Yum's Beet And Burrata Salad With Fried Bread recipe with the name of the blog post, 'The Definitive Guide to Video Sizes for Social Media'

Are you creating videos for your blog posts? If so, you probably want to share them on social media.

Videos can be shared on pretty much every social media platform, which is great for getting the most out of the videos you’re producing.

But it can also be a bit confusing because there are different recommendations for each platform. Between the videos you share on Instagram Stories and on the Facebook Feed, the recommended dimensions can vary quite a bit.

Luckily, we have your back. 😊 This post will be constantly updated with new recommendations so you can be confident you’re sharing the right kind of video to each social platform:

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Our Favorite Food Sharing Sites (2022)

The Pinch of Yum feed on Foodgawker and the title of this article, 'Our Favorite Food Sharing Sites (2022)'

Do you submit your blog recipes to food sharing sites? These recipe aggregator sites help recipe creators by amplifying their content to new audiences and driving traffic back to their blogs.

As a recipe creator, you can submit your recipes to these food sharing sites, and then these sites will display and feature those recipes. These food sharing sites are all a little different, but submitting your content to them can be part of an effective traffic-building strategy, especially when you’re just starting out.

Let’s dive into some of our favorite food sharing sites!

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11 Content Ideas for Food Bloggers Inspired by Pinterest Predicts 2022

an image of a matcha latte and the title of this article, '11 Content Idea for Food Bloggers Inspired by Pinterest Predicts 2022'

Since Pinterest is typically one of a food blogger’s top traffic sources, it’s no surprise that we’re excited about their new Pinterest Predicts 2022 report.

Pinterest Predicts is a “not-yet-trending report” where Pinterest tries to identify the searches and topics that will be trending in the new year. And the reason they produce this report each year is to help content creators take advantage of their predictions via the posts, videos, and photos they share on Pinterest!

If you go to the Pinterest Predicts page, you can filter by category (“Food and beverage” being one of them), so we thought it would be fun to unpack four of their most interesting food and beverage predictions for 2022. Let’s dive in!

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What to Update When Republishing Content as a Food Blogger

a photo of instant pot summer soup in bowls and the title of this blog post, 'What to Update When Republishing Content as a Food Blogger.'

Welcome to Part 3 of our Republishing Content blog series!

So far in this series, we’ve covered why you should republish content, as well as how to identify the right posts to update and republish.

And last but not least, we’re going to discuss what to update when republishing content! We’ll explore how to actually republish a post, some key areas you might want to consider updating, and more.

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How to Identify Posts to Update and Republish as a Food Blogger

a photo of bowls of yellow soup and the title of this blog post, 'How to Identify Posts to Update and Republish as a Food Blogger'

Welcome to Part 2 of our Republishing Content blog series!

In the first post of this series, we talked about the why –– why is updating and republishing old content a solid strategy for online creators?

That’s a great place to start when you’re thinking about your republishing strategy, so be sure to check out that blog post first!

But today I’m excited to talk about the process of identifying the right posts to update and republish.

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