New Course: Blog Monetization 101

The course so many of you have been desperately waiting for is finally here! Well, it was here last week, but let’s just ignore that. SO EXCITED ALL OVER AGAIN!

But really. This is exciting.

Slide that reads 'Blog Monetization 101!' with Bjork Ostrom's face in the bottom righthand corner

One of the most common struggles we hear from our members is that they have difficulties figuring out how to monetize their blogs. We had some monetization videos up since the beginning of FBP, but they were in dire need of a refresh.

Fortunately, Bjork came to the rescue! And in this course, you actually get to see him face-to-face the whole time as he talks you through the concepts of blog monetization.

This course focuses on teaching our members about the different avenues of blog monetization, from ads to affiliate marketing to digital content and freelancing. Bjork talks about what each avenue actually is, then discusses the positives and negatives of each, and then gives some examples of sites using these avenues. It’s darn thorough, if you ask me!

One of the most important things you’ll learn from this course is how ad networks are changing, and how you as a blogger can work with them as they change, or focus your efforts elsewhere. This is some really important info that you don’t want to miss.

Screenshot of the Blog Monetization 101 course on Food Blogger Pro with various video clips shown

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