Our Favorite Food Sharing Sites (2021)

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Do you submit your blog recipes to food sharing sites? These recipe aggregator sites help recipe creators drive traffic to their own blogs and get their content seen.

As a recipe creator, you can submit your recipes to these food sharing sites, and then these sites will display and feature those recipes. These food sharing sites are all a little different, but submitting your content to them can be part of an effective traffic-building strategy.

These are some of our favorite food sharing sites:


When you think of food sharing sites, Foodgawker probably first comes to mind. It’s one of many “gawker” websites (Stylegawker, Weddinggawker, and Craftgawker are other post aggregate sites!), but Foodgawker is where you’ll want to submit your recipes.

a screenshot of the Foodgawker homepage

Foodgawker needs to accept your recipe, and they review each photo to make sure that they’re appealing, that the white balance is natural, and the composition is tempting. You can read more about Foodgawker’s criteria and submission guidelines here.

We like Foodgawker because content creators submit links to their recipes, rather than the full recipes themselves. This means that if a Foodgawker user wants your recipe, they’ll need to go to your site to get it.

Pro Tip: When you submit your recipes to Foodgawker, make sure you include an enticing description to help encourage clicks through to your site! Your description will be shown directly under your photo on Foodgawker’s feed.

The Feed Feed

First of all, make sure you’re following @thefeedfeed on Instagram because they post the most beautiful food photos from bloggers from around the globe.

The home page for The Feed Feed featuring photos of food

There are a few ways to get featured on The Feed Feed’s website:

You can use #feedfeed and tag @thefeedfeed on Instagram

Pretty self-explanatory, but be sure you make use of this hashtag because it’s a great way to get your images and recipes featured on their page and website!

You can submit your recipes on their website

Much like Foodgawker, you can submit your recipes to The Feed Feed’s site. You can upload just a picture and title with a description or you can upload the entire recipe. We’d recommend the former, just so the recipe lives solely on your site.

You can connect your blog to The Feed Feed’s website to automatically pull your most recent images and blog post titles

This is a really cool feature on The Feed Feed. Once you set up that connection, the title and images you post will automatically get pulled to The Feed Feed’s site and it’ll create a link back to your site. Pretty nifty!

To set that up, you should register, claim your FeedFeed profile, and then you can provide your blog URL in your profile. Easy as that!

Tasty Kitchen

Fun fact: Tasty Kitchen is actually owned by Ree Drummond, aka. The Pioneer Woman! It’s essentially a social network for food bloggers, meaning you can make some connections with other food bloggers through this site.

A screenshot of the Tasty Kitchen homepage

One especially cool thing about Tasty Kitchen is that if they really like the recipe you submit, they’ll feature it for a day on their homepage alongside your name and photo. Then, if a reader clicks on your post, they’ll find your recipe and a link back to your blog.

Unlike Foodgawker, Tasty Kitchen requires you to add your entire recipe and instructions when submitting your recipe. That means that your full recipe will live both on your blog and on Tasty Kitchen.

When you’re first starting out with your blog and with food sharing sites, it can be helpful to submit your recipes through Tasty Kitchen; it’s another place to get your name and your content out and in front of readers. That said, it’s possible that the content you submit to Tasty Kitchen will outrank the recipes on your own site, which is something to consider as your traffic grows.

Healthy Aperture

If you create healthier recipes, you may be interested in submitting your recipes to Healthy Aperture! It works very similarly to Foodgawker, as you submit your photos and recipe titles, and readers will need to click through to your own site to actually get the recipe.

A screenshot of the Healthy Aperture homepage

Healthy Aperture has a pretty effective filtering system, making it easier for readers to find recipes based on their dietary preferences. If you publish recipes for specific diets, Healthy Aperture is a great place to help get your posts in front the right readers.

You need to pay a yearly fee to submit images to Healthy Aperture –– you can learn more about that here.


Yummly is a unique food sharing site-meets-personalized recipe aggregator. They have meal planning functionality, the ability to save recipes, and more, so it’s essentially a recipe collection app for readers.

A screenshot of the Yummly homepage

You can add your recipes to Yummly by adding a Yum button to your site (more details here), so if your readers are already using Yummly, it could be a really great way to get your content on the platform.

An important note…

All food sharing sites have different sizing and editing recommendations that you should consider before you submit your recipes to each site.

Luckily, we have a course on Food Blogger Pro about food sharing sites that covers best practices to increase your chances of getting your photos accepted, caption tips, and tagging guidelines! Food Blogger Pro members can check it out here: https://www.foodbloggerpro.com/courses/building-traffic/food-sharing-sites/

Question: Do you have a favorite food sharing site? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. How do I link my blog to a Tasty Kitchen Recipe Submission? The form only asks for my name, email address, recipe, and photo. How will viewers know it’s from my website or be able to click to it?

  2. Wonderful artice! Thank you.

    I’m however wondering how do you register for submitting photos with Healthy apperture?

    When you click on Submit button there’s only login page, not create new account for example. If you know, that would be wonderful 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  3. I could use some help. I’ve been submitting my recipes to the aggregators you recommend and I know that several of the recipes are now on their websites, but when I use my backlink checker tool, none of these submissions are showing up as backlinks. I do see traffic coming from them in Google though. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hi Kate,

      What backlink checker tool are you using? I’d be interested to look into this!

      Also, when you go into Google Analytics, are the websites showing up under Acquisition –> Referrals?

  4. thanks for sharing this valuable article! can I submit my blog articles here, so I have just started my blog for my restaurant business. your feedback and suggestions are most welcome

  5. I am one of the co-founders of a food sharing site called Trivet Recipes. One thing that makes us different is that there is no submission-and-waiting process. Once you sign up for a free account, you can start posting your material right away!

  6. Do you happen to know if Tasty Kitchen has an approval process that takes some time? I ask because I signed up and took quite a long time submitting a few recipes (it takes a while to input all the ingredients! Phew!) and now there’s no sign of them anywhere! Any thoughts? Am I missing something? They don’t seem to have a place to go for support or I would ask them directly. TIA!

  7. I’m a brand new food blogger, this article was immensely helpful!! I’ve been blogging about pets for years but I had no idea that there were so many different communities for food bloggers – life is getting so much tastier.