New Course: Inbox Zero for Gmail

Oh hi! Guess what?

We have a brand new mini course that will help you manage your inbox like a pro. 💪

That’s right, friends. We refreshed our Inbox Zero for Gmail course with new strategies and tips that will help you keep your email under control.

Screenshot of Gmail that says 'No new mail!'

Let’s face it: we get a lot of emails every day. Whether it be brands wanting to work with us or readers who have questions about a certain recipe or newsletters with helpful advice and interesting content, our inboxes can quickly get out of hand.

That’s why we need some strategies for managing and handling those emails. And that’s exactly what’s covered in this Inbox Zero for Gmail course!

You’ll learn how to get to Inbox Zero by:

  • Automating the organization of your emails
  • Utilizing helpful settings
  • Using a tool side-by-side with your inbox
  • Quickly adding dates in your inbox to your calendar
  • And more!

If your inbox has gotten a little out of hand (same 🙋‍♀️), we think this Inbox Zero course will help you conquer the email beast moving forward.

Check out the full mini course here:

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