New Course: Negotiating With Brands & New Tool: Brand Email Template

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We’re breaking out all the stops today because it’s not only new course day here at FBP HQ…we’re also launching a new tool! Think of them as a holiday gift from us to you. 🎁

They both will help you work with brands, which is a topic we get loads of questions about on the Food Blogger Pro forum.

And it makes sense: working with brands as a small business owner can be confusing. There are contracts to review, pitch emails to send, guidelines to follow, and money to track.

So today’s new course-new tool combo is designed to make sponsored content a little easier and straightforward. Let’s dig in:

New Mini Course: Negotiating with Brands (feat. Danielle Liss!)

If you’ve worked with a brand before, you know that there are contracts involved. By design, contracts are legally-binding, so you want to make sure the contract you’re signing is fair for both parties. But if it’s not, how do you get it to a place that is fair?

Negotiation. And that’s what today’s new Negotiating with Brands Mini Course is all about!

A screenshot of the Negotiating with Brands mini course on Food Blogger Pro with a photo of Danielle Liss

In this mini course, Danielle, our incredible Legal Expert, highlights the most important aspects of any sponsored content contract and teaches you what to look for in a fair contract.

You’ll learn:

  • How to simplify negotiation
  • The common clauses in sponsored content contracts
  • What should be included in the Scope of Work
  • How Ownership of Content works
  • What you should consider when it comes to Exclusivity
  • And more!

👉 Members can check out the brand new mini course here:

New Tool: Brand Email Template

You found this awesome brand you’d love to work with…how do you make the first move?

With a carefully-crafted email, of course!

A screenshot of the tools on Food Blogger Pro with an arrow pointing to the Brand Email Template tool

Our new Brand Email Tool is packed with tips and tricks for writing a brand email that can help get you noticed, as well as a template and sample email that you can tweak and adjust to make it your own.

👉 We’re so excited to hear what you think of this new tool! Check it out here:

🎉 As a reminder, Food Blogger Pro courses and tools are available for all Food Blogger Pro members. If you used to be a member, you can rejoin by following these instructions. If you’re not a member, you can join today! 🎉

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