New Course: Ebook and Lead Magnet Disclaimer Template Mini Course

It’s…NEW COURSE DAY! Every single month we have a brand new course for you to dive into and learn from, and this month’s new course (it’s actually a single-lesson Mini Course!) is all about protecting your content.

We’re happy to announce that our new Ebook and Lead Magnet Disclaimer Template Mini Course is LIVE on the site today!

The Creating Content Mini Course on Food Blogger Pro with an arrow pointing to the Ebook Disclaimer lesson

We know that ebooks and lead magnets are a great way to generate income from blogging, grow your email list, and build an audience. That said, since you spend so much of your time and effort writing, designing, and creating these products, it’s smart to include some legal lingo within the pages to protect you and your content.

That’s exactly what we’re focusing on in this new Mini Course!

This is a special mini course for a few reasons:

  1. We’re interviewing Danielle Liss, our Legal Expert! We recently had Danielle on The Food Blogger Pro Podcast to talk about protecting your content, and this Mini Course is a bit of a continuation of that conversation. She has worked with online content creators for years, so she knows a thing or two about this topic.
  2. You get a FREE download of Danielle’s Ebook and Lead Magnet Disclaimer as a Food Blogger Pro member! Danielle sells this same template on her site for $19, but you get it for free by watching this Mini Course. 😊

Putting a disclaimer on ebooks and lead magnets not only protects your content from being sold and distributed by someone else, but it also tells your audience how they can use the content and ensures that you’re not liable for the information in that piece of content.

It’s a short and sweet Mini Course, but we hope it gives you a way to protect yourself and the content you work so hard to produce.

Check out the Mini Course here.

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