Best Photography Backdrops for Food Bloggers

Lindsay Ostrom shooting a photo of greens against a marble surface and the title of this article, 'Best Photography Backdrops for Food Bloggers'

A few months ago, we chatted all about the best props for food photography, and now we want to turn our attention to another important photography element: backdrops!

When it comes to taking mouthwatering food photos, it’s really important to create a compelling visual scene, and a great backdrop can make a huge difference.

There are many types of backdrops you can use for your food photos, and we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites, as well as where you can buy them, in this post. Alternatively, you could also consider making your own backdrops, so we’ll share all our best tips and tricks on how to do that as well!

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The Best Strategy for Getting More Saves on Instagram

Instagram algorithm. Those two words might fill you with dread, or they might ignite your competitive spirit. Whichever team you’re on, Instagram saves are a critical, yet often overlooked, part of the elusive Instagram algorithm.

And that’s what we’re here to help you navigate… everything you would ever need to know about Instagram saves!

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Meet the Food Blogger Pro Team

Two people working at desks in an office and the title of this article, 'Meet the Food Blogger Pro team'

Today’s post is a little bit different, and that’s because it’s an inside look at all the lovely people that help run Food Blogger Pro each and every day!

Chances are you might have interacted with some (or all!) of us somewhere or another on Food Blogger Pro, but we wanted to officially introduce ourselves in this post.

All of us that you see here are part of Team Food Blogger Pro, but we’re also part of TinyBit, the parent company in our family of businesses. Every member of our team helps keep Food Blogger Pro running smoothly, and we’re so grateful for every single one of them. 😊

Let’s jump into the introductions, shall we?

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6 Essential WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs

a computer desk with a food blog pulled up on the screen and the title of this blog post, '6 Essential Plugins for Food Blogs'

There are currently over 59,000 plugins available that bloggers can use to enhance their WordPress sites… and that’s only counting the free ones!

Whoa. That’s a lot of plugins, right? So how do you know which ones you should actually install to run your site?

That’s what we’re going to chat about in this post! We’ll break down six different types of plugins that we recommend using for your food blog, then we’ll share a few of the best plugins on the market for each category.

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The Gear We Use For Recipe Videos

Blue image of two women setting up to take a photograph using an overhead DSLR camera and a DSLR camera mounted on a tripod. The photo reads "the gear we use for recipe videos" and has the Food Blogger Pro logo in the bottom left corner.

Filming recipe videos is a great way to visually show your readers and followers how to make a recipe. Videos are also incredibly popular on almost every social media platform. 

Maybe you’re already filming recipe videos and just want to up your game, or maybe you’re a recipe video newbie looking for the best camera for cooking videos. Either way, we’re here to help! 

We are going to take a deep dive into the gear that our sister site and food blog, Pinch of Yum, uses for recipe videos – from cameras and tripods to editing software.

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Foods Trending This Fall

Thanksgiving food spread and the title of this blog post, 'Foods Trending This Fall'

What’s that in the air? Why, it’s the sweet, crisp smell of fall! 🍂

The autumn season is quickly approaching here in the Northern hemisphere, and that means it’s almost time for all those cozy, comforting recipes we all know and love.

And if you’re starting to brainstorm some fall recipe ideas, we’re here to help you out! In this post, we’re sharing a roundup of foods that will be trending this fall to help give you some ideas as you plan out your content calendar for the rest of the year.

Looking for more specific ideas for each month? You can check out our monthly food content trends posts here:

Let’s jump right into it!

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How to Add a Table of Contents to Your WordPress Blog Post (with Plugins and with Code)

a hand pointing at a book at the title of this article, 'how to add a table of contents to your wordpress blog post'

In our member-only Live Q&A a few months ago, we got a question about how to add a table of contents to a blog post.

And it was a great question!

And, speaking personally, I love when table of contents are included in the articles and posts I’m reading because it allows me to understand the structure of a post while giving me direct links to sections within that blog post that I can easily jump to.

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4 Ways to Backup Your Computer and Blog

Most people are pretty good at protecting the physical products in their lives. We put insurance on our cars, cases on our phones, and locks on our bikes. But bloggers live in a world where they also need to protect their digital products. Things like blog posts, eBooks, photos, and videos represent huge investments of time and money.

Can you imagine if you woke up tomorrow, typed in the URL of your blog, pressed return, and saw a white screen? Then, in a moment of panic you looked in your computer’s photos folder, only to find that your pictures were missing as well? It’s rare, but it happens. Hence the reason for a blog backup!

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