Trending Now in Food Blogging – August

Hello, friends! It’s that time again when we take a look at what’s trending in the food blogging space in August. These posts are designed to outline some of the trending ingredients and search terms in the following month so that you’re all prepped and ready to create awesome, click-worthy content on your blog.

You’ll notice that there’s a very strong theme to the searches happening in August, so this is a really great opportunity to curate content that resonates with those searchers. Any ideas what it might be?

Ready to find out? Let’s jump in.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for parents at least. Back-to-school searches peak this month as parents are looking for quick and easy lunch and snack ideas for their kiddos, as well as teacher gifts and organization ideas. Perhaps posting a roundup of your favorite back-to-school lunches or a few tips on how to keep an organized meal plan while the kids are in school might be able to help out your readers.

And don’t forget about college students! College-aged folk may have a particular affection for microwavable treats, so think about recipes that college kids can make in their dorms.

Another idea: focus on back-to-school recipes with a certain diet in mind. Keto is really popular these days, and if you fit into that niche, figure out some easy-to-make keto breakfast and lunch ideas for school.


Okay, this trend kind of cracks me up. You know what happens at the end of each summer: you have a literal mountain of zucchini to use up before it goes back. And unsurprisingly, your readers are looking for ways to use it up.

My suggestion? Don’t reinvent the wheel. As my girl Daenerys Targaryen once said, break the wheel.

There are so many zucchini fritter, bread, noodle, and muffin recipes out there. Try jazzing it up a bit to help your content get seen and shared. What if you added a Nutella swirl to your zucchini bread? Or you could create the perfect summer-fall hybrid breakfast: zucchini pumpkin muffins! Or maybe you could find a way to use up all of your readers’ leftover summer produce – the ultimate summer veggie hash, anyone?! Use that noggin of yours to really create something that will stand out.


These red, juicy fruits are trending this month! And for good reason: they’re in the peak of their season in August!

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than a thick, salty tomato slice on top of some warm bread in the summer, but try thinking of some creative ways to use this trendy fruit. Use them as a cup for dip! Use them in end-of-summer salads! Use them in a toasty roasted tomato sauce for fall! Tomatoes are so versatile; I’m sure you’ll find a delicious way to use them.


Along those same lines, canning starts its upward trend in August.

And it totally makes sense; readers want to find ways to preserve all of the yummy summer produce they’ve picked, grown, and/or bought. Canning always intimidates me, so I’d love to see an easy-to-follow canning post full of tips and tricks to make my first canning experience as easy as possible.

Another idea? Host “Canning Week” on your blog and feature your favorite canning recipes like jams, salsas, preserves, and pickled veggies. Or you could team up with some of your blogging friends and link to each others’ canning recipes throughout the month. External link building at its finest!

related queries for 'canning' on Google Trends

One last thought: one of my favorite tools on Google Trends is the little “Related Queries” section at the bottom of each page to show you what else is trending with your original search term. According to Google Trends, a related query to “canning” is “canning with Instant Pot,” and creating content around that search term is an easy way to capitalize on a popular cooking tool and a trending search term.

Upcoming Holidays

August is summer’s last hurrah, and people are already starting to search for fall and, dare I say, winter holidays. Here are some upcoming holidays to keep on your radar:

  • Labor Day: Monday, September 2
  • Halloween: Thursday, October 31
  • Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 28

We wanna know: Which of these trending searches are you most excited to tackle this month? Which do you think will resonate the most with your readers?

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  1. This is a great resource for the upcoming month. Thanks so much for putting it together for us! I’m excited to focus on all these topics and build up my close-to-non-existent blog! lol

    1. Busy, but exciting! Quarter 4 (aka. the last three months of the year) can be really busy for food bloggers because we have a ton of different food-centric holidays to create content for, but it’s also a great opportunity to get those numbers up and share seasonal content.

      Good luck!

  2. Exact stuff what I want for the next food blog, Thanks, Alexa. Your overall observations, suggestions, and tips will help me in creating good content. Thanks again for this quality content. Will you give us tips on how to add images in blogs to attract more people? Thanks.