Writing for a Niche & Adding in Non-Recipe Content

This is part two in our series all about choosing and writing for a niche as a food creator. Check out part one about establishing a niche as a food creator.

Once you’ve chosen a niche for your food blog it’s time for the fun part — creating content for it! Hopefully, you have a long list of recipe ideas that you can create within your niche, but is there a strategy for writing within a niche? And should you consider writing some non-recipe content to round out your coverage of that topic? So glad you asked!

Writing for a Niche

Especially when you’re in the early days of creating content, your content should align with your niche. Makes sense, right? You want to clearly communicate exactly what your readers can expect from your blog and your brand.

So if you’ve set out to create a vegan dessert blog, you should only be developing recipes that are vegan and desserts. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it can be a helpful reminder to set those boundaries in the early days of blogging within your niche.

When you’re brainstorming new recipes or content, you want to create content that:

  • Covers all of the most important categories within your niche (be thorough!).
  • Helps establish you as a go-to resource within your niche.
  • Communicates that you are an expert within the field.
Curious about the best practices for writing a blog post?

When developing your content strategy, you want to ensure that you’re covering all of the bases within that niche. Vegan cookies ✅ Vegan cakes ✅ Vegan brownies ✅ Vegan ice cream ✅ Etc.

If a reader comes to your site looking for a vegan dessert recipe, you want to make sure that you can fulfill that need!

Adding in Non-Recipe Content

One of the perks of committing to a niche as a food creator is that it opens up a whole new category of potential topics to write about. For example, if your niche is French food, you could also write about travel to France, French restaurant reviews, or guides to French ingredients or techniques.

Adding non-recipe content to your food blog is a great way to cover every angle of your niche (and it’s sometimes nice to take a break from creating new recipes, right?!).

Here are some ideas for non-recipe content that you might add to your blog:

Curious to learn more about creating content within a niche?

Another place to look for non-recipe content inspiration — search engines! The ‘People Also Ask’ section is a great place to see what your audience might be looking for. For example, when I searched for ‘French soup recipe’ on Google, I found two possible ideas for non-recipe content: “what is the most famous soup in France” and “what are the 4 categories of French based soups.”

Google's 'People also ask' section results for the 'French soup recipe' query.

And remember, all of these content ideas should be viewed through the lens of your niche.

Some food creators enjoy creating non-recipe content but don’t feel like their blog is the right place for it. If that’s you, too, don’t despair! You can always share non-recipe content in your email newsletter or on social media.

There are countless ways to approach writing for a niche and adding in non-recipe content as a food creator — this is an opportunity for you to put your spin on it and let your personality and voice shine!

We’re curious… Do you have any non-recipe content on your site? What types of content do you like to share?

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