New Course: Sponsored Content

Heyo! Happy Thursday!

It’s an especially happy Thursday today because it is…drumroll, please…new course day!

We have been hard at work at FBP HQ for the past few weeks putting this course together, and we’re all really excited to share it with you today. Especially because it can help you generate some extra income from your blog.

Any guesses what it might be about?

Since you probably read the title of this article, you already know it’s about Sponsored Content!

Sponsored Content course on Food Blogger Pro

Sponsored content is a topic we get a ton of questions about here on FBP. Whether it be in during our Live Q&As, on our forum, or via email, nary a week goes by without hearing a sponsored content question or two.

And it’s for good reason! From an outsider, understanding how sponsored content works – from finding the right brand to pitching to coming up with your rate to sharing the post with the correct disclosure – can be kind of complicated.

That being said, we designed this course specifically to help you navigate the confusing, exciting world of sponsored blogging opportunities.

Screenshot of a cake Instagram post from Pinch of Yum

In this course, Jenna, the Pinch of Yum Office Manager, and yours truly unpack what sponsored content is and how you can totally master the process. We cover:

  • How to find the right brand
  • How and why you should build relationships with brands
  • How to work with influencer companies
  • How to come up with your rate
  • How to reach out to brands
  • How to create awesome sponsored content
  • How to disclose your sponsored content
  • And much much more!

We really hope you enjoy this course. Happy sponsored content-ing!

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