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New Course: Inbox Zero

It’s the first new course of 2018, and everyone here at FBP HQ is super excited about it!

Is one of your new year goals about organization and productivity? Maybe your goal is to tackle an editorial calendar, or perhaps it’s to keep all of your invoices organized in a new way.

Or maybe it’s to reach the holy grail of email organization: Inbox Zero.

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New Course: How We Grew Our Instagram Following to 500k

Friends! It’s that time of the month again: new course time!

But first, some background. Pinch of Yum recently hit an amazing milestone on Instagram: 500,000 followers.

You read that correctly. Half of a million.

This kind of growth didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it didn’t happen over a year or two.

No, this feat happened over the course of many years. A lot of hard work, trial-and-error, and content creation went into getting the Pinch of Yum Instagram account to where it is today.

So we decided to teach you how they did it during an awesome event we held this week called, “How We Grew Our Instagram Following to 500k.”

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New Course: Record and Edit a Podcast

Why I’m excited today:

  1. It’s almost Friday
  2. It’s new course day!

That’s right! There’s a brand new course hot off the presses on Food Blogger Pro, and we think you’re really going to love it.

But first, a riddle.

What do microphones, pop filters, editing software, interview guests, and scheduling apps all have in common?

They’re all essential to the podcast making process! And that’s exactly what our new course is about: recording and editing a podcast.

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New Course: Sponsored Content Bootcamp

Hello, friends!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind over here at FBP HQ. A super fun whirlwind. 😉

We hosted our free One-Day Sponsored Content Bootcamp, and it gave us the opportunity to connect with bloggers who were so enthusiastic about creating awesome sponsored content.

The Bootcamp was only available to the public for 24 hours. That being said, I just published the session videos to Food Blogger Pro as our new September course!

Can I get a woot woot?

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New Course: How to Use Facebook Groups

It’s new course day! And we are seriously excited.

New course days are always exciting for us at FBP HQ. We love sharing new courses that can help you grow your following, monetize your blog, and build your business.

But today, we’re even more excited about our new course because we’re rolling out a brand new type of course: Mini Courses.

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New Course: Recipe Video Bootcamp

Hiya! And Happy Friday, friends!

This week has been an exciting one over here at FBP HQ. We held an awesome event called the Recipe Video Bootcamp, we started revving up for our open enrollment period next week (!!!), and…

We published a new course!

For those of who missed the Bootcamp, or for those who loved it and want to watch it again, I have some good news: we uploaded the session videos as our new course this month!

Excited? We are too!

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New Course: Sponsored Content

Heyo! Happy Thursday!

It’s an especially happy Thursday today because it is…drumroll, please…new course day!

We have been hard at work at FBP HQ for the past few weeks putting this course together, and we’re all really excited to share it with you today. Especially because it can help you generate some extra income from your blog.

Any guesses what it might be about?

Since you probably read the title of this article, you already know it’s about Sponsored Content!

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New Course: Understanding Recipe Plugins

Happy new course day, friends!

We couldn’t be more excited about this course because it’s all about maneuvering the crazy, confusing, wonderful world of recipe plugins. Woo hoo!

We are huge fans of recipe plugins over here at FBP HQ. Not only do they help your recipes stand out and look beautiful on your posts, they also help Google understand the recipes on your site.

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New Course: Food Video: Editing in Final Cut Pro X

Hi, friends! Guess what?

It’s new course day! Can I get a woot woot?

If you’ve been following along, you know that food video has been a huge focus for us in the past few months. We’ve covered the tools you’ll need, we’ve showed you how to plan your shoot, and we’ve taken you behind the scenes of a Pinch of Yum shoot.

Next comes editing. We’ve covered editing in iMovie and in Adobe Premiere Pro, but today we’re covering the editing software that the Pinch of Yum team uses every week to make their awesome recipe videos: Final Cut Pro X.

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