New Course: Inbox Zero for Gmail

A screenshot of gmail at Inbox Zero

Oh hi! Guess what?

We have a brand new mini course that will help you manage your inbox like a pro. 💪

That’s right, friends. We refreshed our Inbox Zero for Gmail course with new strategies and tips that will help you keep your email under control.

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New Course: Social Media Analytics

A screenshot of the Social Media Analytics course lessons on Food Blogger Pro

Ain’t no party like a new course party, ’cause a new course party don’t stop!

Happy New Course Day, my friends. And what a wonderful New Course Day it is.

And that’s because we have a new social media course for you today, and we’re so excited for you to check it out. Introducing our Social Media Analytics course, hot off the presses.

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New Course: Negotiating With Brands & New Tool: Brand Email Template

A screenshot of the Negotiating with Brands mini course on Food Blogger Pro with a photo of Danielle Liss

🎺 Bah bah bah bah bah bah bahhhhh 🎺

We’re breaking out all the stops today because it’s not only new course day here at FBP HQ…we’re also launching a new tool! Think of them as a holiday gift from us to you. 🎁

They both will help you work with brands, which is a topic we get loads of questions about on the Food Blogger Pro forum.

And it makes sense: working with brands as a small business owner can be confusing. There are contracts to review, pitch emails to send, guidelines to follow, and money to track.

So today’s new course-new tool combo is designed to make sponsored content a little easier and straightforward. Let’s dig in:

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New Course: Google Search Console

A screenshot of the Google Search Console course lesson videos on Food Blogger Pro

Hey hey, party people! Do I have an announcement for you…

We have a new course! And it’s all about a helpful (and free!) tool from Google: Google Search Console.

Bjork created this course to give you a fundamental understanding of this essential tool, and he covers how to navigate the reports, understand errors, and make changes to strengthen your site’s presence on Google.

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New Course: Blogging as a Business

the Blogging as a Business course lessons on Food Blogger Pro

Hey hey hey! New course day!

Today’s new course has been on my bucket list since I started here at FBP 3+ years ago. We talk about monetization a lot on Food Blogger Pro, but there are a lot of considerations and decisions to make when you decide you want to make money from your blog.

Enter: today’s new Blogging as a Business course!

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New Course: Designing Your eBook (Canva)

A list of videos in Food Blogger Pro's Designing your eBook course

What’s beautiful, full of your own content, and ready to become a freebie or product to help support your blog?

An eBook!

We love eBooks. In fact, one of Pinch of Yum’s income-drivers is an eBook; Tasty Food Photography has been bought and downloaded over 10,000 times. 🤯

We already have a few courses on creating your own eBook that cover the planning, writing, and selling processes. And now we’re covering design in our new course, Designing your eBook!

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