New Course: Keyword Research in Action

Hey hi hello, my friend!

We have an exciting update for ya from FBP HQ today: we have a brand new course all about a topic that we get tons of questions about…

Keyword research!

a screenshot of Ahrefs keyword explorer and the title of this article 'New Course Keyword Research in Action'

We are so incredibly excited to have this course available for our Food Blogger Pro members today. It’s a bit different from our other courses because it will give you an inside look into how three different people do keyword research for their businesses.

You’ll essentially watch “over the shoulder” of these three people as they do keyword research for their respective businesses/bands:

The lessons in Food Blogger Pro's Keyword Research in Action course featuring Aleka, Pinch of Yum, and Food Blogger Pro

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use KeySearch and Ahrefs for keyword research
  • How to keep user intent in mind when doing keyword research
  • What volume and keyword scores you may want to target
  • Why search volume doesn’t necessarily equal expected website traffic
  • And more!

Plus! You’ll get to download our Keyword Research Glossary as a little “cheat sheet” for you as you watch through the course.

It’s an awesome course, and a big thanks goes to our fabulous Digital Content Manager, Emily, for spearheading this course! 🎉

Members can find the full course here.

🎉 As a reminder, Food Blogger Pro courses and tools are available for all Food Blogger Pro members. If you used to be a member, you can rejoin by following these instructions. If you’re not a member, you can join and get instant access to this course, as well as all of our other courses for food bloggers, today! 🎉

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  1. There’s so many articles on how to do proper keyword research. This course sounds really good, and most of all; helpful.

    Especially to those of us who are just starting out with blogging. And it seems like it would help to simplify the keyword research process.