New Course: Understanding Recipe Plugins

Happy new course day, friends!

Well, I suppose it’s more accurate to say happy updated course day. But what an exciting day it is! 🎉

We couldn’t be more excited about our ✨ new and improved ✨ Understanding Recipe Plugins course because it’s all about maneuvering the crazy, confusing, wonderful world of recipe plugins.

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We are huge fans of recipe plugins over here at FBP HQ. Not only do they help your recipes stand out and look beautiful on your posts, but they also help Google understand the recipes on your site.

Using a recipe plugin has many positive impacts, so this course is designed to help you understand why we recommend food bloggers use one on their sites.

Food Blogger Pro's Understanding Recipe Plugins course

In this course, we’ll walk you though:

  • What recipe plugins are
  • Why you should be using a recipe plugin on your blog
  • How Google sees your recipe if you use a recipe plugin
  • Why recipe plugins are essential for strong SEO
  • How to choose a good recipe plugin
  • Popular recipe plugins for WordPress sites
  • How to test your blog’s structured data
  • And more!

It’s an awesome course that we know will help you make sure that you’re sharing your recipes in the best way possible.

Check out the full Understanding Recipe Plugins course here.

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    1. Hi Vanessa! We focus on WordPress, so I’m not really very familiar with Squarespace recipe plugins. From my searching it seems like there aren’t many options for recipes on Squarespace, unfortunately. I did find this one embed that might work for you:…

      Sorry I can’t be of much more help! I wish there were more options. You could try submitting a request with – they seem to make a lot of other Squarespace-specific plugins.

      1. Thanks Raquel. I will see if I can have have one designed. Otherwise will look into changing over to WordPress. Thanks so much