Lindsay Ostrom from Pinch of Yum on life as a career blogger – FBP001

In the first podcast episode, Bjork interviews Lindsay about her food blog, Pinch of Yum, and digs deep into the motivation behind POY and how Lindsay built her blog.

We all know Lindsay. She’s a big part of the reason we are all here right now. But how well do we really know her? How did Pinch of Yum get started? Was it’s Bjork’s idea in the first place? How in the world did she take her baby food blog that started on Tumbler to the beautiful & inspiring food resource that it is today?

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Introducing the Food Blogger Pro Podcast!

The Podcast! It’s here!

We are so excited to give you the very first episodes of the Food Blogger Pro Podcast. Buckle your seatbelts, because we’ve got a lot of awesome information here for you to listen to.

First, we’ve got an introductory episode for you, called Episode 000: Our Beliefs, Our Hopes, and Our Dreams. In this short blurb, Bjork talks just a bit about why he is here doing this podcast, what it means for him, and what you can expect from the FBP podcast.

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