Trending Now in Food Blogging – October

Happy almost October, friends! Can you believe it? We’re in full-on fall mode, and I’m just so darn happy about it. I know I’m not unique by saying that fall is my favorite time of year. The cooler weather, the changing leaves, the cinnamon-spiked food; this time of year just screams comfort to me.

As you probably know, readers are starting to search for some fall-centric recipes and ideas to help them embrace autumn and the upcoming holidays. Luckily, this is the perfect opportunity for influencers to give these readers some inspiration for the season. Here’s what readers are searching for in October:


Okay, this really isn’t a surprise, is it? It certainly isn’t a surprise for me who is currently typing this with a pumpkin roll chilling in the fridge and eating pumpkin chocolate oatmeal for breakfast. Heh.

Pumpkin searches soar in October, and the Google Trends graph perfectly visualizes that fact.

This is an example of a super cylical search term (and no, that’s not a technical term 😉 ). Searches for pumpkin sharply spike in October, and then quickly decrease. This is a sign that you should post your pumpkin-centric content sooner rather than later. Homemade PSLs, pumpkin curry, pumpkin bars, or my personal favorite pumpkin rolls…no pumpkin-packed treat is off-limits!

Halloween & Thanksgiving (& Christmas. I know.)

Searches for Halloween and Thanksgiving recipes clearly spike in October. In fact, you’ll be able to tell from our other “trending now” topics this month that people have Halloween on the brain. We’ll talk a bit more about Thanksgiving next month, but keep in mind that Canadian Thanksgiving will take place on October 14 this year.

Would you believe that over 27 million people saved Halloween-inspired pins in 2015? It’s true! Because Pinterest is a huge source of Halloween ideas for readers, try and think about content that will do especially well as a pin. Perhaps create some step-by-step photos and put them into a pin. You can also think like a reader this fall, and put yourself in their shoes: what are they wanting to see this Halloween?

And as much as you might not want to start thinking about it, those A+ planners in the world are already starting to think about Christmas. I’m talking gift guides! Meal planning! Tips for surviving family get-togethers! Your readers are looking for advice, and you can give them to them.

Oat Milk

Not necessarily a “super cyclical” trend, but check out this graph:

Interest in this dairy milk alternative is soaring this year, and it’s not looking like it’ll slow any time soon.

So how can you create content around oat milk? Good question. Some ideas:

  • A review of different types of store-bought oat milks
  • A resource for the best uses of oat milk
  • A recipe for homemade oat milk
  • A recipe that accentuates oat milk’s texture and/or flavor

If you have yet to try oat milk, be sure to get on this trend train sooner rather than later.


Not that it should come as a surprise, but searches for “candy” spike in October…just in time for Halloween!

What can you do with leftover candy? Are you giving out a candy-alternative on Halloween? Do you have an awesome recipe for homemade candy?

This is the time to publish all the candy-related content!

Apples and Caramel

Tis the season! Yep, I’m talking about apple season. We talked a bit about apples last month, but apple searches spike this month. Apples will never taste juicier, sweeter, or all-around more mouthwatering than they do this time of the year. This opens up a world of possibilities to us as food bloggers. Make applesauce, apple pie, or apple dumplings if your readers like their sweets. You can also go the savory route with pork and apples, apple salads, or cabbage and apples.

And what goes perfectly with apples this time of year? Caramel, especially because searches for “caramel” start its three-month spike in October!

Caramel-dipped apples, caramel apple blondies, hot caramel apple cider, apple and caramel crepes – you can’t go wrong with this incredible, fall-inspired duo.


Bier, Essen, Spaß…oh my!

If you’re a beer or travel fan, or of German descent, you might want to plan some content around Oktoberfest, a huge fair held in Munich, Germany.

Even if you’re not in Germany, you can still plan some fun, festive content surrounding this event! What are some of your favorite beer + food pairings? What’s the difference between different types of beer? Do you have any beer-spiked recipes you’ve been waiting to share?

Dates to Remember

Like I mentioned above, we’re quickly getting into holiday season, and holiday pins are already starting to get some traction. In fact, holiday-related Pins rose 20% in 2017, so there’s definitely a need for holiday-related content. Here are some dates to remember as you’re planning your editorial calendar for these next few months:

  • Canadian Thanksgiving: Monday, October 14
  • Halloween: Thursday, October 31
  • American Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 28
  • Start of Hanukkah: Sunday, December 22
  • Christmas: Wednesday, December 25
  • Kwanzaa: Thursday, December 26
  • New Year’s Eve: Tuesday, December 31

Questions: So what are you most excited to focus on this month? Which trend do you think your readers will respond to the most?

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