Trending Now in Food Blogging – February

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Hello, friends! How’s it going? Can you believe January is already almost done?!

It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re having fun (aka. planning your yearly goals for your blog!). Page views, social shares, content management…it can all be a bit difficult to manage.

But, I’m here to help you out a bit with another Trending Now in Food Blogging post! For those of you who are just tuning in for the first time, these articles are designed to help you figure out what your readers want to see in the upcoming month so that you can get ahead and plan out your editorial calendar for the month.

Here’s what’s trending in February:

Valentine’s Day

The holiday of love! Yep, Valentine’s Day (aka. February 14) will soon be upon us, and readers are looking for ways to make their loved ones feel special.

Try being vulnerable and personable with your readers to get them in the spirit of the holiday. Tell them the story of your favorite Valentine’s Day memory with your bae. Tell your readers your favorite ways to spend time with your loved one. Share those cherished stories and open up with your readers. If you’re going solo this Valentine’s Day, share ways (involving decadent food, of course) to still enjoy the couple’s holiday by yourself or, better yet, with a group of friends.

Super Bowl Snacks

There’s still time! The Super Bowl is this weekend, and readers are looking for the tastiest treats to satisfy them through the whole game.

Interestingly enough, searches for “healthy super bowl recipes” have gone down in recent years, so you might be best sticking with your most decadent and indulgent recipes for the big game.


Yep! Searches for everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread spike this month, and for good reason: it’s pretty much the nut butter equivalent of love.

As food bloggers, we have the wonderful opportunity of helping our readers and their loved ones through their stomachs. Plan a perfect date night, complete with a meal, wine pairing, and Nutella-based dessert. Heck, why don’t you try making a Nutella cocktail? Make a dessert recipe that you had on your first date with your significant other and put a Nutella spin on it. Find creative culinary ways to help your readers say, “I love you.”

Spring Cleaning

“Does it bring you joy?” Even though Marie Kondo’s organizational Netflix show was a hot topic last year, “spring cleaning” starts its upward trend each February:

How can you work spring cleaning into a food blog? That’s a great question. Someone who’s already doing it really well is Melissa over at The Faux Martha! She organized a free course a few years ago called, “The Minimalist Kitchen Course” where she helped her readers organize and declutter their kitchens.

As a double-whammy, the course paired with her new cookbook, “The Minimalist Kitchen,” so it was an effective way to capitalize on a trending topic all while promoting her book and her blog.

New tool alert! Pinterest recently published an exciting free tool aimed at helping publishers understand what users are searching for on Pinterest called Pinterest Trends.

Pinterest Trends is only available for those in the US at the moment, but it’s a fun tool to use to see if you can capitalize on some trending search terms throughout the year.

If you’re not in the US, you’re not out of luck. Regardless of your location, you can check out The Pinterest 100 report, Pinterest’s annual report showing the top trends they’re anticipating in 2020.

Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

Thanks to the Pinterest Trends tool, we can see a clear recent spike in searches for “Instant Pot chicken recipes.”

the Pinterest Trends tool showing Instant Pot Chicken Recipes search trend graph

And this is interesting because it can help you:

  1. Plan your editorial calendar for new content
  2. Figure out what the older content you want to repin this month

We’re really excited to see the Pinterest Trends tool evolve through 2020 to help us plan Pinterest content like this!

So tell us: What content are you going to share this month?

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