New Quick Win: What is a Privacy Policy and How Do You Write One?

It’s a gooooood day here at FBP HQ, and that’s because we just pressed “Publish” on our newest Quick Win โ€“โ€“ it’s all about privacy policies!

In this Quick Win, our Legal Expert Danielle answers some common questions creators may have about adding a privacy policy to their sites.

a photo of a woman on a desktop computer and the title of this blog post, 'New Quick Win: What is a Privacy Policy & How Do You Write One?'

In this Quick Win, Danielle talks about:

  • What a privacy policy actually is
  • Why a site may need one
  • What to include in a privacy policy
  • How to draft your own privacy policy
  • And more!
a screenshot from our What is a Privacy Policy & How Do You Write One? Quick Win showing Alexa and Danielle Liss

Quick Win lessons are designed to be exactly that โ€“โ€“ quick wins! After reviewing this one-video lesson, you’ll have a better understanding of the purpose of a website privacy policy and how to go about writing a well-thought-out privacy policy of your own. Enjoy!

Find the Quick Win here.

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  1. As a website owner myself, this article helped me understand the importance of having a privacy policy and provided a simple solution to create one. Thank you for sharing this quick win!