New Quick Win: What is a Privacy Policy and How Do You Write One?

It’s a gooooood day here at FBP HQ, and that’s because we just pressed “Publish” on our newest Quick Win –– it’s all about privacy policies!

In this Quick Win, our Legal Expert Danielle answers some common questions creators may have about adding a privacy policy to their sites.

a photo of a woman on a desktop computer and the title of this blog post, 'New Quick Win: What is a Privacy Policy & How Do You Write One?'

In this Quick Win, Danielle talks about:

  • What a privacy policy actually is
  • Why a site may need one
  • What to include in a privacy policy
  • How to draft your own privacy policy
  • And more!
a screenshot from our What is a Privacy Policy & How Do You Write One? Quick Win showing Alexa and Danielle Liss

Quick Win lessons are designed to be exactly that –– quick wins! After reviewing this one-video lesson, you’ll have a better understanding of the purpose of a website privacy policy and how to go about writing a well-thought-out privacy policy of your own. Enjoy!

Find the Quick Win here.

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  1. As a website owner myself, this article helped me understand the importance of having a privacy policy and provided a simple solution to create one. Thank you for sharing this quick win!