New Courses: The Pomodoro Technique and How to Add Emojis to Blog Posts

Do you hear that?

New course day!

I hear it, too.

New course day!

That’s right…


Can you tell we’re just a bit excited? 😉

We published two brand new mini courses today for our members, and we can’t wait to tell you about them!

One will help you work in a more focused way, and the other one will teach you some simple ways you can add emojis to your blog posts, forum threads, and more. 💃🎉

Here are the deets:

The Pomodoro Technique

This time management method is a way that you can break down your tasks into manageable 25-minute distraction-free intervals. It can be an extremely helpful technique if you’re having trouble getting started, staying on task, or actually completing your tasks.

Ways the Pomodoro Technique can help your productivity

Jasmine, our incredible Affiliate Manager, is here today to tell you more about The Pomodoro Technique, including:

  • Why it’s helpful
  • How you can implement it today
  • How you can keep track of your intervals
  • And more!

There’s even a bonus worksheet that you can download to help you track your pomodoros!

If you’re in a working rut, be sure to watch this mini course and see if The Pomodoro Technique can work for you.

Check out the full mini course here:

How to Add Emojis to Blog Posts and Forum Threads

Adding an emoji to a conversation on your phone is incredibly simple…on your computer, not so much.

Adding emojis to a blog post by right-clicking

There are a few different ways that you can express yo’self through the wonderful 🌎 of emojis on your computer, and this mini course will help you do it! You’ll learn:

  • Which free app we use to add emoji to any post or conversation
  • How you can add emojis without any apps
  • How a pre-installed app can help you use emojis across the internet

It’s a fun course, and we hope it’ll help you utilize emojis to your ❤️’s content!

Check out the full mini course here:

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