New Quick Win: How Pinch of Yum Uses Clariti

Hello, hello wonderful Food Blogger Pro friends!

We’ve got a brand-new Quick Win video for you today, and we think you’re going to like it… because it’s all about How Pinch of Yum Uses Clariti! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Clariti is one of our sister sites here at Food Blogger Pro, and it’s a great tool that helps you better organize your portfolio of content all in one place. You can create campaigns to add alt text to your posts, fix broken images, remove any broken links, and more, all within the Clariti app.

In this Quick Win, Eman, the Content and Growth Specialist at Pinch of Yum, takes you behind the scenes to show just how helpful Clariti is for the POY team!

P.S.ย This Quick Win is actually part two in a two-part series all about how we use TinyBit products on Pinch of Yum. Be sure to check out last week’s Quick Win to learn How Pinch of Yum Uses Tasty Recipes, Tasty Links, and Tasty Pins!

Screenshot of Eman Kemp's face over the Clariti homepage

In this Quick Win, youโ€™ll learn:

  • How you can see an overview of all your blog posts in Clariti
  • What data you can see for each blog post in Clariti
  • What projects Pinch of Yum creates within Clariti
  • How you can track content changes within Clariti
  • And more!

It’s a fantastic video that shows how Clariti can easily help you optimize your blog content for maximum growth. Huge thanks to Eman for putting this together for the Food Blogger Pro Community!

Check out the Quick Win here.

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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for this video and helping explain how Clariti works. Would you say this tool would be more ideal for someone who has a lot of blog content, say in the upwards of 50+? Let me know your thoughts.

    I don’t have a lot of content yet, and I’m a solopreneur, so I’m not sure if Clariti would be a useful tool for me.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi, Jocelyn!

      Clariti is best for blogs with 200+ blog posts, but bloggers with less content still prefer using Clariti instead of a spreadsheet. It can be a great idea to start organizing your content in Clariti if you do plan to use it later on so that you wonโ€™t have to switch your organization platform down the road.

      I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.