New Course: Styling for Food Photography

Purple slide with food that reads 'Food Styling - Making food look beautiful through lighting, props, composition, food, and editing.'

It’s time to celebrate! Two reasons (from least to most important):

  1. Google just released its iPhone keyboard app, Gboard
  2. We have a new course on food styling!

Most of you probably aren’t as excited as I am about the new keyboard. It’s kind of lame how excited I am about it. It’s a keyboard, Raquel. Come on.

But, I think we can all agree on this: this new food styling course is super duper exciting. Let’s dive in!

If you’ve been taking photos for a while now, feel all set up with your camera, know how to use your artificial (or natural) lighting, and have a closet full of props, yet you feel like something is still missing… you’re at the right place.

Food styling is where all those individual elements come together to make a beautiful, well-rounded photograph that really jumps off the screen.

In this course, Lindsay first shows examples of these different concepts with existing photos from her blog. She talks about how, for instance, a photo with lighting from the side gives a photo a totally different feel than a photo with lighting from the back.

Various images of food with lines drawn to indicate the styling choices

Then she picks up her camera, gathers some food and props, and demonstrates these concepts in a live shoot. You get to see everything from start-to-finish: the initial setup, adding different props, changing the lighting, and the final photo. It’s super neat!

Hand sprinkling seeds on top of avocado toast

And finally, you’ll get to see some photo editing in action and understand how a consistent look to your photos contributes to your blog branding and overall styling.

Editing a photo in Lightroom

After watching this course, you should have a whole toolbelt full of new info, tips, and tricks to help take your food photos to the next level.

Styling for Food Photography course on Food Blogger Pro

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