New Course: Natural Lighting for Food Photography

Oh, sweet – it’s a NEW COURSE DAY.

Because I’m happeeeeeee….

Today we are superexcited to be releasing a new course on natural light for food photography which includes 9 lessons about how to use natural light to make the most of your food photos.

We’re calling this course Natural Lighting for Food Photography and you can find it in the Food Photography module.

Lindsay Ostrom shooting a photo of limes in natural light

This course was really fun to record because I did some things that I’ve never officially done before: I tested the quality of the natural light in our house.

For example, one of the first lessons in this course is a two-part process where I shot the same food, same set up, same camera settings, at four different windows throughout our house. I did this in the morning and in the evening, and then I looked at all the different photos to try to determine which window and which time of day would give me the type of light I might be looking for. The results surprised me!

Lindsay Ostrom shooting a photo of limes against a black board
Two images of macarons side by side: one lighter and brighter and one darker

In addition to talking about the time of day and direction of the light, in this course I will also be demonstrating my favorite lighting angles, how to set them up, and why each of them can create a distinct style for your food photography.

Natural Lighting for Food Photography course on Food Blogger Pro

I’m so excited to share this course with you!

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PS. I’d like to give a big shout out to my favorite season, SUMMER (in the US, anyway) – thank you for allowing us food bloggers to take advantage of that beautiful natural light all day long! 🙂 Rock on, Summer.

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  1. So the use of natural lighting in a effective way is the main issue in food photography. Only lighting cant help but it is needed to know when to use that light and how to use it to take the perfect shot. Thank you for letting us know the details about your own experiment here.