5 Ways to Create Instagram Reels as a Food Blogger

It’s no secret that Instagram Reels are popular now. Like really popular.

And that means, as food bloggers, we have an opportunity to grow our Instagram accounts by leaning into creating Reels!

While you might initially just think about sharing recipe videos on Reels, there are so many other unique ways food creators can use this social media feature to their advantage. Let’s dive into them!

A screenshot of Pinch of Yum's Instagram Reels and the title of this article, '5 Ways to Create Instagram Reels as a Food Blogger'

1. Recipe Reels

If you’re a food blogger, chances are you’re already creating recipes for your site. Why not record a short video of you cooking or baking a recipe to promote on Instagram as a Reel?

The great part about Reels is that they don’t have to be super fancy or polished. While you can shoot them using a DSLR, you can also just whip out your phone to record a quick video.

Our sister site, Pinch of Yum, creates these kinds of Reels all the time on their Instagram account! Every so often, they like to pepper Reels into their feed to promote some of their new or favorite recipes.

The Pinch of Yum team has been tweaking their strategy for Reels over the past few months, but they typically like to show a quick video teasing a particular recipe that has some fun music and text overlays.

Check out an example of a recipe Reel from Pinch of Yum here.

Screenshot of a Veg Shepherd's Pie Reel from the Pinch of Yum Instagram account

2. Recipe Reels with Voiceovers

While lots of food bloggers share Reels with music and text overlays, you could also consider doing a voiceover for the Reel.

By including a voiceover, you can walk the viewer through making the recipe while sharing a bit more detail, personal anecdotes, or tips.

Plus! When making an Instagram Reel, you can actually record a voiceover within the app itself, and you can adjust the volume of both the camera audio and music as needed.

A lot of food bloggers create these types of Reels, including Half Baked Harvest. For her voiceovers, she typically introduces the recipe and explains why you should give it a try, then she walks you through all the steps of making the recipe.

Check out an example of a recipe Reel with a voiceover from Half Baked Harvest here.

Screenshot of a cinnamon roll Reel from the Half Baked Harvest Instagram account

3. Tutorials or Educational Reels

Aside from recipes, you could also try your hand at sharing some tutorials or educational videos on Instagram Reels.

Maybe you know all about how to cut and properly dry out tofu. Or maybe you’re an expert at decorating elaborate layer cakes. Why not share all that knowledge in a Reel?

Benjamin the Baker does a really great job of this on his Instagram account. He typically shares Reels that dive into the science of baking and short videos like these are a great way to visually explain that information!

Check out an example of an educational Reel from Benjamin the Baker here.

Screenshot of a educational Reel from the Benjamin the Baker Instagram account

4. Funny Reels or Memes

Everybody loves a good meme, right? And there are lots of ways you can create memes or funny videos as a food creator!

Maybe you can put your own spin on a trending meme or think about sharing a funny recipe fail that you recently experienced. Chances are your followers will enjoy it and might even find you more relatable because of it.

The Fit Peach shares all different kinds of Reels on her Instagram account, but she has one really funny Reel with the caption, ‘Tell me you’re a food blogger without telling me you’re a food blogger.’ She then proceeds to show herself baking pumpkin spice scones and listening to Christmas music… on July 27th. I think every food blogger can relate to that!

Check out an example of a funny Reel from The Fit Peach here.

Screenshot of a funny Reel from The Fit Peach Instagram account

5. Entertaining or Satisfying Reels

Last but not least, a lot of food creators have had success sharing entertaining or satisfying Reels on Instagram.

As an example, Chelsweets will sometimes share time-lapses of her baked goods rising in the oven. They are usually paired with some relaxing music, and they’re honestly so satisfying to watch. Her latest one (linked below) even got 1.8 million views!

Check out an example of a satisfying Reel from Chelsweets here.

Screenshot of a time lapse Reel from the Chelsweets Instagram account


I hope this post gave you some ideas and inspiration to create effective Instagram Reels as a food blogger!

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Now we’d love to know: Have you ever created an Instagram Reel? If so, what types of Reels do you typically like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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