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by Alexa on Feb 23, 2017 in Trending Now

Find out what's trending in searches in March - St. Patrick's Day, yoga, cake, & more!

Hello, friends! Happy [almost] March!

Can you believe it? <– I feel like I start all of these posts with this line. But I feel like 2017 is flying by.

March is an interesting month for search trends. It seems like there really is no rhyme or reason for some of the recipes readers are searching for in March, but with a little creativity, you can serve your readers some mouthwatering eats that are perfect for this time of year.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

St. Patrick's Day

March 17. The day of green clothes, green beer, and green treats! Readers will be searching for festive ways to celebrate this year.

Maybe you want to go a little traditional and talk about the history and meaning of St. Patrick’s Day. It’s interesting that a holiday so closely related to parades, parties, and alcohol began as a religious feast, right? Or perhaps you want to go all-out with St. Patrick’s Day-inspired food this year. Or you can share some traditional Irish recipes with your readers - soda bread, Irish whiskey cocktails, or roasted potatoes. Or maybe add some green foods to traditionally non-green recipes. There are so many ways to get festive this St. Patrick’s Day.


Along those same lines, searches for Baileys Irish Cream spike in March. For those of you who don’t know, Baileys Irish Cream is a rich and creamy liquor that’s mixed with cream, spirits, whiskey, and chocolate. Sounds pretty fantastic, right?

Imagine if you mixed it into baked goods! Baileys cake, Baileys frosting, Baileys brownies, Baileys cheesecake…I mean, seriously. Can you think of a more delicious and indulgent way to spend your St. Paddy’s Day? You can even try your hand at making homemade Baileys for your readers. Get creative (and boozy) this St. Patrick’s Day.


I was really surprised to see that cake searches spike in March. It’s not the most popular month for birthdays (that’s typically September), and it’s not in the middle of the holiday baking frenzy.

I’m thinking it’s because readers are preparing for Easter, which coincidentally falls a little late this year (Sunday, April 16). In my opinion, Easter cakes are the best cakes. Coconut, lemon, carrot - all of the flavors of spring, wrapped in a delicious package of sugar, butter, and love. You could even pair this trend with our other trends this month: Green Baileys Chocolate Cake, anyone?! Feel free to indulge in this trend with the flavors of the season.

Find out what's trending in searches in March - St. Patrick's Day, yoga, cake, & more!

Yoga and Gluten Free

On the health-centric side of the spectrum, searches for yoga and gluten free diets are popular this time of year. Maybe readers want to balance out all of that cake, alcohol, and green food?

There was some interesting news in gluten free dieting a few days ago: gluten free foods may be linked to higher levels in toxic metals. If gluten free foods are a part of your blog, maybe you can engage in a conversation about this news with your readers - what the study showed, what it means, etc. Although the findings are preliminary, it may be an interesting discussion to have with your readers.

Let’s chat: Which trends do you think your readers will be searching for? Are there any other recipes you’re particularly excited to share this month?

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