WP Tasty is Now Part of the Strategy11 Family

Hi there! Bjork here.

A little over six years ago, we started working on the businesses you’ve come to know as WP Tasty and Nutrifox. 

We were building some custom plugins for our own site, Pinch of Yum, and thought that other bloggers might find these plugins valuable as well, so we started WP Tasty to offer them for sale.

Within a few years, hundreds of publishers a month were signing up to use WP Tasty plugins on their sites and use Nutrifox to analyze their ingredients and generate nutrition labels.

As these businesses and products have grown, we came to realize that the best home for these products would be with a company that focuses entirely on WordPress plugins and software development, so we started to look for potential acquirers who could dedicate the time and resources needed to continue developing and evolving the products.

Enter Strategy11.

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Strategy11 was founded by Steve and Steph Wells in 2010. They’re now 20 people strong, and their focus from the start has been WordPress plugins. Steph, the co-founder and CTO of Strategy11, will explain more about who they are in a bit.

One of the greatest joys I’ve had in working on WP Tasty and Nutrifox has been seeing publishers like yourself using the products and creating amazing, captivating content. With that in mind, I’m excited to continue watching the growth of these products and, in turn, the growth of your following and impact.

Looking forward to what’s to come!


Hi there! I’m Steph Wells, the co-founder and CTO of Strategy11. 

I thought it would be helpful to explain a bit more about who we are, what this transition means for you, and hear about any ideas or insights you have for WP Tasty and Nutrifox products. 

Who is Strategy11?

We’re the team behind Formidable Forms, the most advanced WordPress form builder. A couple of years back, Business Directory Plugin and AWP Classifieds joined our family too. But we’re always ready for more great ways we can help make building websites enjoyable!

What Does this Mean for Existing Users?

Aside from the ownership change, it’s business as usual. You can continue to rely on the WP Tasty team and all the Tasty plugins you’ve come to love.

What’s Coming Next?

Over the coming months, we have plans to further simplify and enhance the products you’re used to. We’ll be working hard to help you make the most successful food blogs on the web!

One of the first steps we’d like to take is to gather your insights and feedback and hear about any product features you might be interested in seeing.

Can you take a quick survey to help us plan? There’s so much we want to do, but it needs to be what you want too.

I want to thank Bjork and the team for all the hard work they put into WP Tasty and Nutrifox to make them the products they are today. I also want to thank all of you who are already using these great plugins, and I hope to earn your support for years to come.

Steph Wells
Co-Founder and CTO of Strategy11

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    1. Hi there, Ana!

      With this transition, we will no longer be offering the Nutrifox bonus for annual Food Blogger Pro members. If you have any other questions about how this will work, feel free to email us at [email protected].

      Happy to help clarify in any way we can!