Trending Now in Food Blogging – June

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Friends! It’s officially summer! 🎉

Well, sort of. The official first day of summer isn’t until June 20, but in my eyes, the start of June always signifies the beginning of copious amounts of summer produce, bottomless tropical cocktails, and long sunny days.

Does it get any better?!

But you know what a new month means: new trends in the food blogosphere! Here’s what is happening in June:

Summer Holidays

I’m not sure about you, but I am very much looking forward to summer holidays. Even though summer holidays are bound to look a little different this year…life is good in the summer.

Readers will be looking for holiday recipe and entertaining ideas this month, so here’s a little reminder of some upcoming holidays:

  • First Day of Summer: Saturday, June 20
  • Father’s Day: Sunday, June 21
  • Canada Day: Wednesday, July 1
  • Independence Day: Saturday, July 4

According to the Pinterest Possibilities Planner from a few years ago, there are 10 million pinners that pin content about Independence Day and Father’s Day, and 37 million pinners that pin summer-related content, so there’s a ton of pinning potential with these holidays!

Believe it or not, fall and winter holidays will be upon us soon, so be sure to give these summer holidays their due!


While summer signifies “vacation getaway” season for many, others prefer to keep their vacations local. Staycations start their upward trend in June and continue through July:

And I’m thinking that “staycations” will be a very popular search this year, as readers are needing to reconsider their summer vacation plans. People won’t be looking for travel tips like they usually do this time of year. Instead, they’ll want to bring that vacation fun home.

How can you help? Think about ways that you can encourage your readers to take some time to relax this summer, since most won’t be able to get out of town. Bring the fresh, tropical, vacation foods to them with seasonal produce and summery recipes.

Grilling and BBQ

Tis the season for firing up the grill! Readers are in need of simple, new, and exciting ways to utilize this summery cooking method this year. And it’s only growing in popularity each year!

graph from Google Trends showing the five year search trend for the term, 'bbq'

Do you have the secret to perfectly juicy grilled chicken? How about a vegetable marinade perfect for the grill? Or what if you post a roundup of your favorite skewer recipes? There are so many options for grilled goodness this time of year!

As a reference, BBQ is a very cyclical search term, so June is the perfect time of year to give your readers your very best BBQ-ing tips and recipes!

The Summer Slump

While we are seeing jumps in food blog traffic because more people are cooking at home, The Summer Slump may still be a relevant trend this month.

I read this article by Ali from Gimme Some Oven years ago, and it has always stuck with me: 5 Tips for Blogging Through the Summer Slump. Your traffic (and therefore your income) might dip a bit in the summer.

I love Ali’s suggestions for blogging through the Summer Slump, rather than getting bogged down in worries that your page views aren’t where you want them to be. My favorite tip in the article is all about taking risks and experimenting with your blog. Is there a series you’ve been thinking about adding to your post lineup? Do you have some off-niche recipes or posts you’ve been thinking about publishing? Try recording some recipe videos. Or maybe try a challenge with your readers to keep them engaged? Summer is the perfect time to try out your ideas! Take that risk and press Publish.

Or…take a break. Life has been interesting (and tough and stressful and weird) these past few months, and sometimes a break from blogging is exactly what you need. Make it as long or as short as you like, but taking a step back may just help you relax and come back to blogging in a refreshed state of mind. 💆‍♀️

Now let’s chat: What are you planning on posting this month? How are you going to balance these summery trends?

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  1. Glad to here reference to the summer slump! For me being busy with work & baseball coaching exacerbate this trend. I try to just keep plugging away, finding ways to get enough fresh content with less time available.