Food Content Trends in January

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Can you believe the year is almost over? It feels like this year just flew by!

January is just around the corner, and there are a ton of new trends in the wonderful world of food to consider when planning out your content calendar. January is the month of fresh starts, new goals, and nutritious foods, so it’s important to start planning now so that you can confidently head into the “Season of Healthy.”

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some food-related searches that are popular in the month of January to help you plan out that editorial calendar and hit the ground running in the new year. Here are some of the topics your readers might be searching for in January:

Healthy Ingredients

There are so many healthy searches that trend in January, so it’s no surprise that healthy ingredients are on readers’ minds. Smoothies, yogurt, meal prep – they’re all on readers’ radars this time of year.

Google Trends results for smoothies, yogurt, and meal prep.

We frequently stress that quality posts are key when growing your food blog. Giving your readers information about these ingredients, like why they’re healthier choices over the alternatives, is so important. You could even pair your recipe with a nutrition label. Make your recipes profoundly valuable for your readers.

Another thought for you: check out your favorite brands to see if their products could fit into one of these healthier recipes. Because health is such a hot topic during this time of year, sponsors may be looking for ways to get the word out about their healthy products.

Healthy Food Near Me

With your readers’ pursuit of healthy food, locals might be looking for your advice as well. Have you ever thought about putting together a “Healthy Food Guide in [Your City]”?

Google Trends results for healthy food near me.

It could be an exciting way to connect with readers in your area, as well as highlight some of your favorite local restaurants and eateries. Win-win!


Did you know that tea searches spike in January? It’s true, particularly for green tea! So if you have a tea post idea brewing (pun totally intended), now is the time to post it.

Google Trends results for green tea.

Tea is commonly linked to healthier habits, so your readers might enjoy a post on the health benefits of tea. Maybe you could create a tea-infused recipe (think baked goods, whole grains, etc.) to jazz up your tea consumption. Or you could think about challenging your readers to a Coffee-Free January (the horror!), encouraging them to replace their daily java with a tea treat instead.


You might have heard of Veganuary, a challenge to eat plant-based in January. It’s a popular movement on social media amongst vegan/vegetarian/plant-based bloggers and individuals who want to incorporate more plants into their diets.

Fun fact: Veganuary is also a non-profit in the UK!

Veganuary helps raise awareness about the benefits of eating plant-based and encourages individuals and businesses to try and incorporate more plant-based meals and cruelty-free products into their everyday lives.

Google trends results for veganuary.

To help support this movement and publish the plant-based and vegan content your readers might already be looking for, maybe try incorporating a few veggie-centric recipes into your content calendar for January.

You can also try publishing some plant-based meal plans and guides (think vegan pantry staples, vegan grocery guides, or a list of your favorite cruelty-free products) for your readers! It’s a great time to celebrate veggies, fruits, and grains with your content.


Speaking of challenges and movements, January is the perfect time to challenge your readers to make healthier choices in general. Workouts, nutritious snacks, better breakfasts, dry January… there are so many great opportunities for reader challenges. And if you, the blogger, complete the challenges right along with your readers, they’ll be much more inclined to follow along.

Get creative with these challenges: run them on Instagram so readers can upload photos of their progress and tag you, come up with a creative hashtag your challengees can use and follow along with on social media, or have a prize for people who complete the challenge.

This time of year, there are so many ways to host challenges that will not only get your readers and followers engaged, but also help you and your readers lead healthier lifestyles! Win-win.

Cleanses, Routines, and Good Habits

Along those same lines, readers are looking for information about cleanses, healthier routines, and better habits to start the new year off right.

Google Trends results for cleanse.

Again, creativity is key here. Anyone can easily find a list of healthy ingredients online, so make your posts unique and share-worthy to stand out in the crowd.

Give your readers an easy four-step plan for establishing a healthy workout routine. Make meal plans so that your readers can form good habits and make healthy meals at home. Anyone can start the year in a healthier way if you help them make it fun and creative.

Super Bowl Food

On the completely other end of the spectrum, football food will be trending in January! Yep, I’m talking cheesy, gooey, mouthwateringly delicious game day food that’s fit for tailgating with your friends and family.

Google Trends results for super bowl food.

While the Super Bowl is not scheduled until February, you’ll want to get those recipes ready soon.

Better yet, give your readers tips to plan the best ever, stress-free tailgate for a crowd. Make team-inspired dishes and desserts, highlighting recipes native to the teams’ cities or the teams’ colors. Give your readers a tasty reason to forget about their healthy habits for the weekend. 😉

Now over to you: How will you balance posting healthy recipes and football food?

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  1. I think since my blog centers around healthy eating I will make a healthy vegan football appetizer that way they can still enjoy game day but still keep their goals for the new year.