11 Content Ideas for Food Bloggers Inspired by Pinterest Predicts 2022

Since Pinterest is typically one of a food blogger’s top traffic sources, it’s no surprise that we’re excited about their new Pinterest Predicts 2022 report.

Pinterest Predicts is a “not-yet-trending report” where Pinterest tries to identify the searches and topics that will be trending in the new year. And the reason they produce this report each year is to help content creators take advantage of their predictions via the posts, videos, and photos they share on Pinterest!

If you go to the Pinterest Predicts page, you can filter by category (“Food and beverage” being one of them), so we thought it would be fun to unpack four of their most interesting food and beverage predictions for 2022. Let’s dive in!

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Tea Time! 🍡

Move over, coffee and cocktails –– Pinterest is expecting that tea is stealing the spotlight in 2022! Pinterest is anticipating more searches for things like:

  • High tea food ideas
  • Vintage tea party
  • Tea party aesthetic
  • Butterfly pea tea
  • Drinking tea pose

From these content ideas, it sounds like Pinterest is expecting people to really lean into the warm and cozy vibes that come from brewing a cup of tea. People will be more inclined to dive into the experience of brewing, enjoying, and sharing tea.

Tea Content Ideas

Here are some fun ways that food bloggers and food content creators can create content to align with this predicted trend:

  • Tea Party Gear Guide –– What are the brewing tools and teas that are essential for throwing the best tea party?
  • Food and Tea Pairings –– Just like wines get paired with specific foods to accentuate the flavors, tea can make a great pairing option too!
  • Tips for Throwing a Tea Happy Hour –– Doing Dry January? Try to make Tea Happy Hour a thing!

Want A Slice of Cake? 🍰

Pinterest is expecting over-the-top, elaborate cake searches to explode amongst Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers in 2022. And it’s not a big surprise! Shows like The Great British Bake Off and How to Cake It on YouTube have been popular for years –– it’s about time that cake has its time to shine!

Some of the cake-related trends that Pinterest is anticipating are:

  • Gravity defying cake ideas
  • Unusual cakes
  • Art cake ideas
  • Bubble cake ideas
  • 3D cake ideas

Cake Content Ideas

Here’s some inspiration for this delicious trend:

  • Cake Decorating Reels –– Lean into two trends at once by making Instagram Reels showing how you decorate a beautiful cake!
  • A Series of “Forgotten” Cake Recipes –– Are there some older cake recipes that your readers need to know about?! Post a series and breathe new life into those classic recipes.

Keepin’ it Young At Heart 🧸

Pinterest is expecting to see a spike in searches that help Gen X and Baby Boomers feel young again with searches for things like:

  • Useful crafts for adults
  • Indoor swings for adults
  • Fairy bedroom ideas for adults
  • Adult pigtails
  • Popsicle stick crafts for adults diy

You can see that they’re anticipating more searches for crafty hobbies and activities for adults, but I think we could also view this as an opportunity to get creative with our food and recipe content!

Youthful Adult Content Ideas:

When thinking about content to accompany this trend, think about the things that made you happiest as a kid. How can you put a spin on it so that it helps or entertains an adult?

  • Homemade Play-Doh for Adults –– Could you put an adult spin on homemade Play-Doh? Maybe dye it fun “grown-up food” colors like “Merlot” or “Blue Cheese.”
  • Food for an Adult Game Night –– We just had a conversation about our favorite board games as a team! There are so many out there, and they’re a great way to spend a night in with your friends. Are there some creative recipes you could share to help feed those gamers?
  • Grown-Up Versions of Kid-Favorite Foods –– There are so many classic kid foods that you can put an adult spin on! Treats, dinners, breakfasts… the possibilities are endless!

Cooking from the Heart ❀️

Potentially the trend I’m most excited for in 2022, Pinterest is forecasting more searches for ancestral foods and recipes. Readers want to learn more about cultures through food, and given the state of the world right now, this is a great way to help your readers “travel” and learn about the world without them having to leave their houses.

Some of the top searches Pinterest is expecting are:

  • Norwegian recipes traditional
  • Filipino recipes authentic
  • Traditional Russian food
  • South African recipes traditional
  • Arabic food traditional

Ancestral Food Content Ideas

What are some ways you can you create ancestral food and recipe content? Glad you asked. 😊

  • Tips for Hosting a “Travel Around The World Dinner Club” –– Encourage your readers to experience different cultures with their friends and families by hosting a dinner club that focuses on a different cuisine each month. You can give them recipe suggestions, coordination tips, and additional information they can consume to understand each culture a bit better.
  • A “Recipes from My Family” Series –– We all have family recipes that are near and dear to our hearts. Maybe you can post a series on your blog highlighting those recipes and talking about why they’re so important to you.
  • Cookbook and Author Features –– Take it upon yourself to dive into different cultures and tell your readers about it! There are tons of different cookbooks and authors that you can learn about traditional cuisines from, and you can share your learnings with your audience.

Those are just four of the many trends predicted by Pinterest for 2022, so if you’re interested, be sure to check out the full report here.

And you know we’ll be keeping an eye on the biggest trends for food bloggers in 2022 in our Trending Now in Food Blogging series here on the blog! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter so you’re always in the loop!

What do you think of these predicted trends? Can you think of any other searches that may become popular this year?

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