New Quick Win: Trademarks for Food Bloggers

Hello, hello, Food Blogger Pro-ers!

Today, my friends, is an extra-fantastic day. And that’s because we just published our first Quick Win of the year! ๐ŸŽ‰

And even better, it’s about a topic that lots of us don’t know a lot about: Trademarks for Food Bloggers.

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As a content creator, trademarks can serve as a great way to protect your brand identity. When you register a trademark, it prevents competitors from imitating your brand (such as your blog name or logo) online.

But all that being said, when do you actually need to register trademarks as a food blogger? Our Legal Expert Danielle Liss is here to weigh in!

In this Quick Win, she gives you the rundown on everything you need to know about trademarks โ€” how they work, when you might want to consider applying for one, how much it actually costs to apply, and more.

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In this Quick Win, youโ€™ll learn:

  • What the difference is between copyright and trademark
  • Why food bloggers might want to register trademarks
  • How to see which trademarks are available before registering
  • How to apply for a trademark
  • What international bloggers need to know about U.S. trademarks
  • And more!

Itโ€™s a quick and sweet overview that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to protect your brand with trademarks. Thanks again to Danielle and Alexa for putting this together for the Food Blogger Pro Community!

Check out the full video for yourself here.

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