New Course: WordPress Deep Dive (Gutenberg!)

Screenshot of the Food Blogger Pro course WordPress Deep Dive that has various video clips

Hey hey!

We updated one of our courses this week, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!

But first, remember this? WordPress released their infamous Gutenberg update a few months ago, and it changed the way that bloggers compose posts on their sites.

Because of this update, we decided to also update something: our WordPress Deep Dive course!

Screenshot of the WordPress editor with the image upload option shown

Raquel, WP Tasty’s incredible Product Manager, will take you through writing a post, composing a page, and so much more. You’ll learn:

  • What blocks are
  • How to insert an image into a block
  • How to quick-access your most used blocks
  • How you can use the post and page sidebar
  • How to restore your revisions
  • How to categories your posts
  • And more!

This is such a great course update (and it’s only seven videos long!), and we hope it helps you become more comfortable with the Gutenberg WordPress editor.

P.S. We labeled the new videos in the course with (Gutenberg Update) so you’ll know exactly which videos are relevant to the Gutenberg editor.


If you’re currently a member, you can watch the course here:
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