New Course: Understanding Ads

It’s time for a new course!! Woot woot!

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This shiny new course is all about understanding ads. When you’re a new blogger (or one who’s just never gotten into using ads before), getting ads on your website can seem really confusing and difficult.

Terms like CPC, RMP, programmatic and viewability can leave you feeling jumbled before you even get to the part where you install the code on your website. It’s frustrating, to say the least!

In this course, Bjork takes a birds-eye look at what ads are and how you can use them on your website. He goes over all those confusing terms and explains them in words a regular person can understand. And then he shows how you can set up an “ad waterfall” on your website to make sure your ad slots are always getting filled.

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If you’re a new blogger curious about monetizing your blog, then this course is a must-watch from start to finish. If you’re a seasoned blogger who’s already familiar with ads, then you might not need to watch the whole thing. However, it’s always good to brush up on key terms, so you might want to check out videos three, four, five, and six.

Video seven is a great reminder that ads do impact your visitor, so it’s a good idea to think of them when deciding what kinds of ads to run.

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This course doesn’t really go in depth into any specific ad networks or ad optimization companies due to the pace at which this industry changes. However, the concepts that Bjork walks you through carry over to any ad network and will help guide you as you decide how and where to run ads on your website.

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