New Course: Instagram for Food Bloggers

Hey friends!

You guessed it – NEW COURSE TODAY!

The course we are releasing today is all about using Instagram to build your visual brand as a food blogger. The Instagram for Food Bloggers course has 21 lessons total including a bonus lesson that’s strictly Q&A based off the questions you asked in the survey prior to the launch of this course.

One thing that’s really fun about this course is the fact that we were able to create a setup where you will be able to see my phone on the screen as I do different things in the Instagram app. So as I go through each concept, tip, or trick in the lessons, I will be demonstrating it all live on my iPhone.


The questions we got prior to releasing the course from Food Blogger Pro members revealed that everyone is really at a different place with their Instagram strategy. As a result, this course is designed in a way that will hopefully make it easy to pick and choose what’s relevant for you. If you’re completely new to Instagram, start right at the beginning and work your way through. But if you’re already up and running, skip the account set up lessons and move on to the lessons about hashtag best practices, gaining foll0wers, and overall Instagram strategy for food bloggers.

And of course, the Q&A! I love Q&A.

One last thing – there is a great printable PDF that goes along with this course – it’s called the Social Media Strategy Planning Worksheet. Make sure you download that and spend some time working through it as you go through this course! I created this based off of the strategy chart that I’ve been using for Pinch of Yum. If you’re anything like me and you often feel overwhelmed with all there is to know about social media, I think this will be a really powerful tool for you.

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  1. I can’t seem to find the Social Media Strategy Planning Worksheet mentioned…could you direct me to it? Thanks!

  2. I finally dove into this course and all I can say is THANK YOU. I’m really late to the game with Instagram and this helped a lot. I tried out the “call to action” today and it worked like a charm. 😉

    I need a course like this on Twitter, too. I still don’t know what I’m doing over there. 😛