New Course: HTML Basics for Bloggers

Happy New Course day! I’m super excited about this month’s new course. It’s brought to you by Yours Truly, and is going to be just the thing for all of you who run away screaming whenever anyone mentions “code.”

What could this course be? HTML Basics for Bloggers, of course!

Blue slide that reads 'HTML Basics for Bloggers - Everything you need to know to get started with HTML for your blog.'

Learning how to finagle with my website was one of the reasons I really loved blogging when I first started. It was so fun to figure out what everything meant, make changes, screw up occasionally (okay, a lot), and eventually learn what it all meant. But that was me… and I know that for a lot of you, the word “HTML” makes the hair raise up on the back of your neck.

So, I thought I would use my enthusiasm for all things code to help some of you learn the basics of HTML. The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple. Once you understand the syntax and the basic elements, figuring out the other stuff will come a lot easier.

Food Blogger Pro HTML Basics for Bloggers

The course starts with a description of what HTML is and whether or not you need to know HTML to blog. Then we talk about HTML syntax (a lot less scary than it sounds) and we go over the basic elements of HTML. I also include some fun code challenges to make the learning a bit more interactive!

Slide that reads 'Challenge: My favorite summer foods and My favorite winter foods' with various foods listed

Finally, we talk about the difference between HTML and CSS and I show some resources for further learning and education.

This course is really geared toward those who have very little experience with HTML, so if you’re in that boat then breathe easy knowing that we’ll take it nice and slow. If you’re already pretty comfortable with HTML, you might not need to watch the whole course, but the video on HTML resources might be helpful!

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