New Course: Food Video: Pre-Production

Say it with me, friends: New Course Day! New Course Day!

After the release of our first course on food videos last month, we decided to stick with the theme this month. This month’s course is all about pre-production for your food videos.

Screenshot of the Food Blogger Pro course 'Pre-Production' with various video clips shown

If you’re anything like me, you probably tend to dive right into a project before sitting down and actually visualizing the steps needed in order to get to your end result. Lindsay and Pinch of Yum Video Specialist Alana talk about why it’s just so important to have a plan of attack before you start shooting your food videos.

Screenshot of the Pre-Production Planning form in action

Lindsay and Alana walk you though their video Pre-Production Planing form (which you can download to use on your own food video projects!) as they plan a real Pinch of Yum video shoot. Before they even touch a camera, they want to get a better sense of their steps, editing notes, angles, and more, so they show you how they approach a video shoot.

Screenshot from a video showing hands about to knead dough

My favorite part? Lindsay and Alana show you examples of Pinch of Yum videos where they apply the principles they talk about in the course. When they’re talking about planning out each of the steps they cover in their videos, they show part of a POY video and then explain why they chose that step to demonstrate in the video. When they’re planning out the angles, they show us why some angles are better than others when you’re shooting certain foods.

You guys are going to love this course. In the coming months we’ll be adding more courses on creating awesome food videos to our library. Keep an eye out for courses on doing an actual shoot and making the final edits.

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