New Course: Blogging as a Business

the Blogging as a Business course lessons on Food Blogger Pro

Hey hey hey! New course day!

Today’s new course has been on my bucket list since I started here at FBP 3+ years ago. We talk about monetization a lot on Food Blogger Pro, but there are a lot of considerations and decisions to make when you decide you want to make money from your blog.

Enter: today’s new Blogging as a Business course!

blue slide with Blogging as a Business written on it

In this course, Bjork talks about his experiences setting up each of the businesses he runs, as well as some ideas that will make setting up and running your own business easier.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up your own business
  • What an EIN does
  • How you should manage a business bank account
  • How to keep track of receipts
  • What program to use for bookkeeping
  • Considerations for hiring and insurance
  • And more!

We’re so excited for you to check out this new course. Our hope is that you can glean a few helpful nuggets from the lessons in this course that help improve and stabilize your business. 😊


Check out the full course, Blogging as a Business, here:

As a reminder, all Food Blogger Pro courses are available to Food Blogger Pro members only.

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