New Course: Asana

It’s new course day! Woot woot!

Purple background with Asana that reads 'Asana - task management to help keep your food blog on track' with Raquel Smith's face in the bottom righthand corner

I am so excited about this new course because I know it will be so helpful to those of you who feel strapped for time and overwhelmed (um, everyone?!).

Here at Food Blogger Pro, we use a tool called Asana to keep on top of all the things we have to do. And as you guys know, we try to keep things fresh around here, so we generally have A LOT to keep track of. So, we looked for a system that would connect all of us, yet let each of us manage our own tasks individually. And Asana was the answer!

But then, I realized that I could use Asana for my own personal stuff, and it got a lot cooler. I now use Asana for planning my editorial calendar for my blog, planning when I need to schedule out all my social media posts, and keeping track of things that I want to put in my “back pocket” – the things that I want to do some day but don’t have the time for right now.

Screenshot of Asana with a page that reads 'My Tasks in'

Since I started using Asana for my blog, I have felt so much more at peace with everything. I don’t have to worry about forgetting things or losing track of them, and I know that if I just check off the tasks for today then it’ll have been a productive day.

Because I loved using it so much, I asked Bjork if I could make a course on it, and he said yes! So today I get to put my nerd glasses on and get all excited with you guys about project & task management. Yesssss!

Screenshot of the Food Blogger Pro course Asana with various video clips shown

This is a really short, easy course – so it’s perfect for fitting in when you only have a little time to spare. The nice thing is that if you spend the little bit of time right now getting all set up, you’ll save yourself hours and hours of time in the future.

You’ll notice that this course now shows up in our handy-dandy course tracker near the top – right after “Setting Up Your Food Blog” and “WordPress Deep Dive.” That’s because we think getting organized when you’re just starting out is a really good idea.

I think you’ll really love using Asana for your blog. If you have any questions, be sure to post them in the Essential Tools forum. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Happy project-management-ing! Check out the full Asana course here.

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  1. YES! This is just what I need. I already did the course and am really excited to have a task management tool with a calming, well-designed interface. Thank you, Raquel!