Introducing: The Member Directory!

I know we introduced our Study Halls just last week, but since we were on a roll, we decided to launch something else this week!

Introducing: The Food Blogger Pro Member Directory! 🥳

Starting this week, members can use this directory to search for and connect with their fellow Food Blogger Pro members and experts. You can search for members by niche, location, name, and blog name!

a screenshot of the Food Blogger Pro member directory and the title of this blog post, 'Introducing the Member Directory'

We’ve said it before, and we’ll continue saying it: One of the best parts of Food Blogger Pro is the community. Why?

  • Blogging can be lonely. It can feel like we’re isolated from others when we’re developing recipes, photographing or videoing food, and writing blog posts all by ourselves.
  • We can learn and grow by connecting, collaborating, and troubleshooting with one another. Other members have had similar experiences to our own, so we can learn from their knowledge and share our own in the pursuit of making positive progress on our blogs and businesses.

This Member Directory is just one of the ways we’re making blogging feel a little less isolated and helping members connect! We’re so excited for you to use it to meet, follow, and engage with your fellow Food Blogger Pro members.

Using the Member Directory

If you’ve been around Food Blogger Pro for a while, you’ll notice that our menu bar now looks a little different. You can now access the directory and the forum under the Community section:

an arrow pointing to the directory option in the menu bar on Food Blogger Pro

Once you’re there, you can use the filter and search to find members you’ve connected with on the forum, members that live in the same area as you, or members by their blog names:

A screenshot of the Food Blogger Pro member directory with arrows pointing to the search bar and the niche filter options

Only active members will appear in the directory.

How to Fill Out Your Member Card

Here’s what a completed member card looks like:

Lindsay Ostrom's member card on the Food Blogger Pro member directory

You’ll notice that we display information like your:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • Blog Name and URL
  • Location
  • Social links
  • Blog niche
  • Bio

You can add almost all of that information right on Food Blogger Pro. Simply head to the top-right corner of the menu bar, click on the “Hi, Your Name” drop-down menu, and then click Edit Profile:

the Account menu options on Food Blogger Pro with an arrow pointing to Edit Profile

When you scroll down, you’ll see the fields you can fill out to complete your member card for the dashboard:

Edit Profile fields on Food Blogger Pro

If you’re looking to upload or change your profile picture, check out this support doc!

And of course, as a member, you have the choice of how much or how little information you share on the directory. Or you can opt-out all-together by switching this setting to Disabled:

an arrow pointing to the "members can see me in the directory" option on the edit profile page on Food Blogger Pro

So be sure to do some searchin’ on the Member Directory to connect with and follow your fellow members on social!

Let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback by leaving a comment below or emailing [email protected]. See you there!

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