Meet Beth, Food Blogger Pro’s Community Happiness Specialist

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Headshot of Beth Hornback

Lindsay and I would like to introduce you to Beth Hornback, Food Blogger Pro’s brand new Community Happiness Specialist.

Many Food Blogger Pro members probably already know Beth from her active presence on the community forum. She’s been a member of Food Blogger Pro for over one year now and has already contributed over 400 posts to the community forum.

As a matter of fact, Beth was the first Food Blogger Pro member to reach the (honorable but strangely named) “Fellow” status on the community forum after posting more than 250 times.

Beth’s new role will involve moderation of the forum, customer service emails, and anything else that falls under the umbrella of helping to keep the Food Blogger Pro community thriving.

There were some really awesome applications, a lot of them from within the existing Food Blogger Pro community. Reading through the applications reminded us of the professionalism, knowledge, and general awesomeness that we have together in this community of bloggers.

Lindsay and I are honored to have your presence here on Food Blogger Pro, and we’re thrilled that Beth will be joining us as part of the team.

So with that being said, let’s give a warm FBP welcome to Beth, Community Happiness Specialist!

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  1. Congratulations Beth! From just my short time as part of this community, I can already see that Bjork and Lindsay have made a fine choice! Best of luck!

    1. Oh, Rosemary, you are so sweet. It’s always been my pleasure to help however I could. You’re such an encourager on the forum, too!