Introducing The Nutrition Label Generator

Introducing The Nutrition Label Generator |

Note: The Nutrition Label Generator is no longer a part of Food Blogger Pro – instead, you can find it at We realized that there were some features that we wanted to add to the NLG but couldn’t because of how (and where) it was built. We needed to create a dedicated environment where we could be laser-focused on building an incredible tool for food bloggers. You can sign up for a free trial to Nutrifox here.

Today is a big day at Food Blogger Pro Headquarters (otherwise known as the Ostrom’s basement).

Food Blogger Pro is launching our first tool for food bloggers. We couldn’t be more excited!

We’re calling it the Nutrition Label Generator.

Any guesses as to what it does?

Yep! You got it. It generates nutrition facts labels.

We have three goals with the Nutrition Label Generator.

We want this to be a tool that is:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Accurate
  3. Value adding

Before I explain the three goals I want to quickly show you how to use the tool, explain why we’re developing software tools, and discuss our software philosophy at FBP.

How do you use the Nutrition Label Generator?

The Nutrition Label Generator is available to all FBP members. You can get to it by clicking on “Tools” in the menu above.

Food Blogger Pro Tools

Here’s a quick screencast explaining how to use the Nutrition Label Generator.

Why did you develop a software tool?

As most of you know, Food Blogger Pro is a membership site. The majority of members pay a monthly membership fee (some pay a discounted yearly fee). There is no contract, so members can come and go as they please.

One of the main objectives for the owner of a membership site (that’s Lindsay and I) is to create value for the members (that’s you…hopefully). If the site owner creates value above the $29/month fee then the member will be inclined to continue their subscription.

For instance, if someone feels like the video tutorials help them earn an extra $50 a month (or save $100 a month because they don’t have to hire someone) then the membership fee is worth the cost. The member receives more value than they’re paying for (awesome). As soon as a member feels like the value dips below $29 a month, they cancel their membership (not awesome).

Right now Food Blogger Pro creates value for members in two ways:

1. A library of video tutorials specific to food blogs.
2. A community forum where bloggers can connect, troubleshoot issues, and work together to solve common problems.

For many bloggers, the value of these two things creates enough incentive for them to stay on as members.

But our hope with FBP isn’t to create enough value, it’s to create as much value as possible.

Creating as much value as possible will help members to stay subscribed longer, which helps FBP earn more revenue, which allows us to continually invest that revenue into other ways to add value.

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to start developing software tools for our members. It allows us to add a third type of value:

3. Software tools for food bloggers.

The first tool we’re launching is the Nutrition Label Generator.

Our plan for the Nutrition Label Generator

The Lean Startup

We’re officially launching the Nutrition Label Generator today, but that doesn’t mean it’s in its final form.

We’re considering this version of the label generator a minimum viable product, or MVP. It’s a term taken from Eric Reis’ book The Lean Startup.

Here’s the idea behind an MVP:

A core component of Lean Startup methodology is the build-measure-learn feedback loop. The first step is figuring out the problem that needs to be solved and then developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible.

Here’s what that means for us:

  1. Figuring out the problem: We consistently heard from food bloggers that wanted to include nutrition labels in their blog posts but didn’t have an easy way to do it.
  2. Building an MVP: We created a product that would solve that problem, did some very basic testing, and released it “into the wild.”
  3. Measuring and learning: After launching it we’ll see how people use it and collect feedback.
  4. Repeat: After measuring and learning we’ll go back to building, improving the tool based on the things we learned.

And that’s our plan for the Nutrition Label Generator.

A bit about our goals for the tool

We want to create a tool that’s (1) easy to use, (2) accurate, and (3) value adding for bloggers.

1. Easy to use

If something is difficult to use then people probably won’t use it. Simple statement, but it’s true. Especially online.

That’s why we’re focusing on making this tool as easy to use as possible.

With the Nutrition Label Generator you can just drop in a list of ingredients and the tool will parse your ingredient list and pull out the essential elements.

For instance, if you were to paste this in…

½ cup diced tomatoes
¾ cup chopped almonds
pinch of salt

…the tool would read and analyze the items in bold:

½ cup diced tomatoes
¾ cup chopped almonds
pinch of salt

2. Accurate

It’s important that the Nutritional Label Generator is accurate, so we’re using an API that connects to a pre-existing database of nutrition information.

In other words, it’s not Lindsay and I entering all in all of this info on our own (thank goodness).

The API (database) we’re using is also used by Whole Foods, Epicurious, and The Daily Meal, so we know that other established and reputable food companies are using the same information.

3. Value adding

People appreciate when you offer information that saves time or answers a question.

Providing nutrition information for a recipe is one way you can do that for your readers.

The payoff? If someone finds your content valuable then they’ll be more likely to share it and/or come back to visit your blog often.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received on Pinch of Yum regarding the nutrition facts label that we provide with some of the recipes:

Nutrition Facts Label Feedback from Adriana=

Nutritional Label Feedback from Elizabeth

Nutritional Label Feedback from Sarah

Nutrition Facts Label Comment from Tonya

Readers appreciate when nutrition information is provided with the recipe on Pinch of Yum, and we’re confident that your readers will feel the same way.

Help us help you

As excited as I am about this tool right now, I’m even more excited to see how it develops and improves. In order to do that we need your help.

At the bottom of the Nutrition Label Generator page you’ll see a button that says “Feedback.”

Screenshot of Nutrition Label Generator that has Feedback circled in red with an arrow pointing to it

If you ever have any ideas, run into any bugs, or see anything that could be improved please let us know.

Lindsay and I are really excited about sharing this new tool for Food Blogger Pro members – thanks for checking it out!

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    1. Sweet! So fun to see it in action. Thanks for sharing the link Beth. I thin the bottom border is getting cut off becuase of the social sharing stuff at the bottom of the post. Try wrapping the img in paragraph tags –… – to see if that helps give it some space. 🙂

        1. Thanks for the heads up Jacquee. It looks like it might be a bug. Does the image look like that after you download it (if you double click on it after downloading), or after you upload it? If it looks like that after you download it then it’s a bug that we’ll fix. If it’s after you upload it then it’s most likely Blogger related. You can submit any bugs you run into using this form: https://foodbloggerpro.wufo…

          1. Yes, the image looks like that after download on Chrome. When I download on Safari, those elements are removed, but the text is much lighter. I will use the form going forward for any additional tech issues. Thanks again for always being so responsive. J

          2. Got it. Thanks for the update. We’ll touch base with the developers about the “submit” issue with Chrome. Thanks again!

  1. Lindsey and Bjork you are awesome. So glad I found Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro. I don’t feel like I am doing this food blog “thing” on my own with you both helping us and cheering us on. This new tool is just what I needed, so happy today!!!

  2. I spent some time last week looking for a nutritional plugin for wordpress, couldn’t find one that didn’t need a lot of hand holding to get it looking just right. So this is great news and being able to tap into that huge database of nutritional info is going to save me a lot of time. Cheers guys.

    1. The most important element for this first version was that last part about saving time. Our hope is that it cuts out the manual entry that usually goes along with nutrition labels. Thanks McGregor!

  3. Bjork, this tool is awesome! Thanks for all of your work. I am having a problem, though. When I click download below the created label (both Chrome and IE) it just goes to a page that says “ERROR.”

    It might be an issue with my computer but I wanted to check and see if there is anything going on with the server today.

  4. I just joined FoodBloggerPro and I absolutely love the nutrition label! I own a bottled iced tea business and paid a nutritionist $99 for the price of one nutrition label. I just checked your nutrition label generator with my iced tea formulation and the analysis from the nutritionist and your analyzer is spot on. For me this is worth the price of membership alone. Great product. Thank you!

  5. Hi Bjork,
    When I uploaded the nutrition label generator to my recipe, it altered the entire page meaning things that were in the sidebar moved to the bottom of the page, my instagram photos at the bottom of the page got all displaced and the entire page went crazy. Is this a bug or something I can fix so I can add the label to all my recipes?

  6. It would be really great if you could create a plugin for the nutrition label, that pulls the information straight from the recipe card on my blog post. Basically automates the whole process.
    Right now, my process goes like this: I have to copy and paste the ingredients in a website that I use for generating nutrition labels and then snip the generated nutrition label and save it as a jpg and upload it to my post. It’s very similar to what you offer, except that i get it for free.
    That’s the only reason I am not buying the nutrition label right now. It’s not very different than any other website that offers nutrition labels.

    1. Hey Kim! We don’t have a print option right now, but it’s something that we’ve heard a few people ask about. We’ll add it to the feature request list.