Announcing the Deals and Discounts Page!

I don’t know about you, but I love a good deal. But even better, I like it when I can see the value of that deal. What’s the difference? A deal without a lot of value can be a sale on an item I never use. But it’s on sale! I must buy it! And then it sits on the shelf never to be touched again until it’s inevitably tossed out. Not such a good value. A deal on something that you use every day? Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. I think you may know where I’m headed with this….

Announcing the Food Blogger Pro Deals & Discounts page!

Image of a piggy bank that reads 'Food Blogger Pro - Deals & Discounts'

That’s right, wonderful members. We are teaming up with some of our favorite companies to offer exclusive discounts to FBP members on tools and services that are used every day in food blogging. We’re starting out with three deals and are working behind the scenes to keep bringing more savings to you!

The Deals

So, what are these deals, anyway? I’m glad you asked.

BlueHost icon that reads '30-40% Discount'

First up, Bluehost! Yes, this popular web hosting service is available at a 30–40% discount to Food Blogger Pro members. Score!

Tailwind icon that reads '25% Discount'

This one is super exciting – we’ve teamed up with the popular Pinterest scheduling app Tailwind and are offering a 25% discount on a monthly or annual plan. In the case of the annual plan, that’s a $30 savings. That’s like getting a month of FBP membership free!

TextExpander icon that reads '20% Discount'

Last, but not least, we have a 20% discount available for TextExpander. This is a great tool that I use every day. TextExpander allows you to create a short phrase that expands into a block of text. As your blog grows, so will your e-mails, and TextExpander will help you type less and blog more by recognizing phrases that you type often and suggesting a short keyword to use whenever you type that phrase. I can tell you, once you’ve tried TextExpander, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. In this post Bjork explains a bit more about how he and Lindsay use TextExpander.

More to come

These three are just the start! We’ll continue to add more deals and discounts to the page as we connect with additional companies.

What’s in it for us?

You might be wondering if we’re earning affiliate revenue from your purchases if you choose to take advantage of one of these discounts. The answer is, yes and no. We always start the conversation with the company by asking if we can roll the FBP affiliate percentage into the discount percentage. If possible, we do that and forgo the affiliate commission, if not, we continue to use an affiliate link but ask the company to provide the biggest discount they’re willing to offer.

What’s in it for you?

It’s really important to us that our members experience the value of Food Blogger Pro. We want you to feel that your monthly membership fee is worth 10 times what you pay in terms of the benefits that you receive. The Deals & Discounts page is one step in that direction, and we can’t wait to give you even more!

Talk to us!

Have a product or service in mind for our new Deals & Discounts page? Tell us in the comments!

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