3 Resources That Can Help You Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Since you’re reading this article, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you probably love some of the elements of producing content for your blog. You might love the recipe development process, the photography, or the cooking. Or maybe all of it!

And I’m going to go out on another limb and say you probably have a lot of content on your blog (and are generating more and more every month). Maybe you have over 50 posts on your blog. Or over 500. Or over 1000 like we have on our sister site and food blog, Pinch of Yum.

And all of that content (both your new blog posts and the ones that already exist on your blog) takes a lot of time and effort to create. You put in the work; now it’s time to make that content work for you for the long run.

a photo of a computer on a desk with the title of this article, '3 resources that can help you get More Traffic to your blog posts'

SEO is one of those terms that I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about. It’s that invisible-yet-powerful practice of optimizing your content for search engines and for the people who search for content online.

You’ve most likely done some SEO work, but you don’t quite know if you’re doing everything you can.

But! If you’re publishing content without taking the time to optimize it and make it the best it can be, you could be missing out on potential traffic, social media followers, and ad revenue.

Because SEO is so powerful (and complex), we wanted to resurface some of our favorite blog posts (and talk about a free event we’re having soon!) that can help you level-up your SEO strategy today:

10 Food Blog SEO Tips from Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

Moz is one of the biggest names in SEO, and they’re known for their tools, advice, and other resources. They really know their stuff.

a picture of a man on a computer with food floating around his head and the title of this article, '10 Fodo Blog SEO Tips from Moz's Beginner Guide to SEO'

In fact, if you Google “SEO,” their Beginner’s Guide to SEO is probably the first result!

We took their big, comprehensive guide for beginners wanting to learn about SEO and summarized the 10 key takeaways for food bloggers in this article. You’ll learn about the importance of links, query intent, long-tail searches, and how site design can impact your site’s SEO.

Read the full post here:

What Food Bloggers Need to Know About SEO

Juicing the Low-Hanging Fruit and Getting the Most Value from the Existing Content on Your Blog

It’s easy to learn a new SEO tip and say, “Awesome! I’m going to apply that to all of my new blog posts moving forward.”

But did you know that by not applying some of this newfound SEO knowledge to your existing blog posts, you could be leaving even more pageviews, ad revenue, and followers on the table?

It’s true!

The title of this article, 'Juicing the Low-Hanging Fruit and Getting the Most Value from the Existing Content on Your Blog' on a blue background with fruit icons and the Food Blogger Pro logo

That’s why we wrote a blog post with some of the ways that you can improve content that’s already on your blog (or, in other words, juice the low-hanging fruit and truly maximize the potential for increased traffic back to your site).

Read the full post here:

Optimize SEO for Your Existing Blog Content

The Food Blogger Pro Podcast

Did you know we have a podcast? It’s true!

It’s called The Food Blogger Pro Podcast, and we publish a new episode every single Tuesday.

Food Blogger Pro Podcast banner

In each episode of the podcast, we interview successful food bloggers and industry experts in an effort to surface strategies that can help you more efficiently grow and monetize your site. You’ll learn about recipe SEO, food photography, plugins, monetization, traffic, and more!

You can subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or on your favorite podcasting app.

We have 300+ past episodes for you to explore, and we also have a page dedicated to our episodes all about growing blog traffic:

Get Proven Traffic Strategies

Now we’re curious: Where do you go for information about growing your blog traffic? Leave your favorite resources, blog posts, and podcast episodes in the comments!

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