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by Alexa on Mar 29, 2018 in Trending Now

Find out what's trending in food blogging in April - cake, allergies, spring holidays, & more!

Hello, and happy spring!

As I’m typing this, all of the windows in my apartment are open, birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and I am one happy lady. #summeriscoming

With a new season comes new trending searches, and boy oh boy are they just delightful. It’s going to be an awesome springtime, friends. smile Here’s what trending in April:

Spring Holidays

The whole span of January - April is kind of a lull. After Christmas and New Year’s Eve in December, there really isn’t a holiday to celebrate until the spring. Luckily, spring holidays are right around the corner, so here are some dates to remember as you’re planning out your editorial calendar:

  • Easter: Sunday, April 1
  • Earth Day: Sunday, April 22
  • Cinco de Mayo: Saturday, May 5
  • Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 13
  • Memorial Day: Monday, May 28
  • Father’s Day: Sunday, June 17

Because Easter falls so gosh-darn early this year, it doesn’t really make sense to post much Easter-inspired recipes in April. Instead, you might want to try and focus on Earth Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day recipes. It’s bound to be a delicious month as you’re planning ahead for these spring holidays!

Almonds and Cake

You know how we talked about cake trending last month? The fluffy, buttery, sugary goodness is still trending this month!

Cake and our spring holidays go hand-in-hand, so you might want to try and incorporate those spring holiday themes into your baking endeavors. Carrot cake, coconut cake, lemon cake…they’re all super popular this time of year. But you can also try stepping out of the [cake] box (heh) with other seasonal flavors and colors like Jessica’s stunning Pistachio Carrot Cake or Sally’s light and airy Pavlova!

Natural and Whole Foods

On the other side of the spectrum, natural food searches are trending in April. Even though your readers are interested in holiday recipes, they might be more interested in the lighter, healthier side of celebrations.

Perhaps you can give your readers a lighter meal plan for spring. Better yet, you can focus on in-season produce and focus on dishes that naturally accentuate the flavors of the season. Which leads me to…


Yep. This spikey, green veggie is trending this month, and for good reason: it’s in season!

I adore asparagus, and there’s a ton you can do with it! Grilled asparagus, pureéd asparagus, roasted asparagus…the list goes on and on. Encourage your readers to get their veggie on with other in-season produce like new potatoes, parsley, and artichokes. Yum yum.


With warmer weather comes sniffling, sneezing, and itchy eyes. Searches for allergies are starting to spike this month, and it makes sense considering we’re in the thick of seasonal allergy time. While the allergy-prone might not be having too much fun this time of year, you can make their spring a little brighter.

Do you and your family have a natural remedy for seasonal allergies? A post about it might be popular this time of year! You could also focus on your favorite ways to combat allergies: favorite allergy medication, ways to avoid scratchy eyes, etc. You can help keep your readers feeling their best this month.

Find out what's trending in food blogging in April - cake, allergies, spring holidays, & more!

Question: How are you going to help your readers celebrate spring?

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