I’m a cook, not a tech guy. When I started my food blog 5 months ago I had never used my computer for much more than surfing the net, emails, occasional spreadsheet, etc. I literally had no idea how to run a website or use my camera properly.

Trying to teach myself WordPress, food photography, social media, etc. etc. etc., wasn’t working. I knew that going it alone wasn’t cutting it and that I needed help. Luckily Pinch Of Yum is a great inspiration to me and that’s where I found Food Blogger Pro.

So far, in the two months that I’ve been a member, I’ve used the video tutorials, tips on building traffic, the lists of essential tools & plugins and most importantly the community boards.

All of which have been extremely helpful, the community boards, in particular, have been a tremendous help to me. If I have a problem or a concern, I know that 20 other bloggers have also had that same problem and 20 other more experienced bloggers have a solution. Most questions that I have, have already been asked and answered, and when I have been the one to ask a question, I’ve received quick and informative responses.

Okay, I can go on and on, but in a nutshell, my progress has advanced by leaps and bounds. I’m very pleased with my decision to sign up for Food Blogger Pro, and I hope that someday I’ll be the one with the sage advice on the community boards.