Food Blogger Pro has become my #1 trusted source to help navigate through the beginning stages of creating my food blog from understanding the basics of HTML and CSS to using a digital camera, search engine optimization, WordPress, and social media. I log in frequently to find answers almost daily! The checklists have helped me strategize and the step-by-step how-to videos have saved me a ton of time!

Silly me thought that I’d join for a few months, study the courses and then move on to something else. Now that I have launched my website, I realize how invaluable of a resource FBP is and I’ll be keeping my membership indefinitely! The knowledge base is vast.

On top of the courses, there is a community within. Q&A’s that can’t be found through web searches, which the moderators and other food bloggers address from experience in dealing with common frustrations and troubleshooting some of the weird quirks that occur in food blogging.

I would recommend anyone considering Food Blogger Pro to take the plunge because it’s worth every last penny!